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Vanuytven, H. (2021). The Theridiidae of the World. A key to the genera with their diagnosis and a study of the body length of all known species. Newsletter of the Belgian arachnological Society 35(Supplement): 1-363. download pdf


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Achaearanea maricaoensis Theridiidae 51, f. B.1c, B.2c (m) Achaearanea maricaoensis
Achaearanea trapezoidalis Theridiidae 45, 51, f. A.34b, B.1a-b, B.2a (m) Achaearanea trapezoidalis
Achaeridion conigerum Theridiidae 40, 54, f. A.27c-d, B.4a-d, B.5-6 (m) Achaeridion conigerum
Ameridion petrum Theridiidae 41, 58, f. A.29c, B.9a-f (mf) Ameridion petrum
Anatea formicaria Theridiidae 59, f. B.10a-b (m) Anatea formicaria
Anatolidion gentile Theridiidae 48, 62, f. A.37b, B.13-14 (m) Anatolidion gentile
Anelosimus domingo Theridiidae 65, f. B.17a (m) Anelosimus domingo
Anelosimus pomio Theridiidae 65, f. B.17b (m) Anelosimus pomio
Anelosimus potmosbi Theridiidae 65, f. B.17c (m) Anelosimus potmosbi
Argyrodella pusilla Theridiidae 29, 67, f. A.16d, B.20a-b (m) Argyrodella pusillus
Argyrodes argyrodes Theridiidae 69, f. B.22-23 (m) Argyrodes argyrodes
Ariamnes attenuatus Theridiidae 74, f. B.30b-c (m) Ariamnes attenuatus
Ariamnes huinakolu Theridiidae 74, f. B.30a (m) Ariamnes huinakolu
Asagena phalerata Theridiidae 27, 77, f. A.13b, B.33b, B.34-35 (m) Asagena phalerata
Bardala labarda Theridiidae 49, 80, f. A.38d, B.38a-b, 39a-b (m) Bardala labarda
Cabello eugeni Theridiidae 38, 85, f. A.26b, B.44a-d (mf) Cabello eugeni
Cameronidion punctatellum Theridiidae 48, 86, f. A.37f, B.45a-d (m) Cameronidion punctatellum
Campanicola formosana Theridiidae 45, 87, f. A.34c, B.46a-c (m) Campanicola formosana
Canalidion montanum Theridiidae 48, 89, f. A.37e, B.48a-c (m) Canalidion montanum
Carniella brignolii Theridiidae 23, 90, f. A.9e, B.49a-c (m) Carniella brignolii
Cerocida strigosa Theridiidae 18, 92, f. A.2a, B.51a-c (m) Cerocida strigosa
Chrosiothes diabolicus Theridiidae 98, f. B.58b (m) Chrosiothes diabolicus
Coleosoma floridanum Theridiidae 17, 104, f. A.1a, B.66a-c, B.67b-c, B.68 (m) Coleosoma floridanum
Coscinida tibialis Theridiidae 108, f. B.71-72 (m) Coscinida tibialis
Craspedisia cornuta Theridiidae 28, 109, f. A.15f, B.73a, B.74-75 (m) Craspedisia cornuta
Cryptachaea alleluia Theridiidae 49, 114, f. A.38h, B.80a, B.81d (m) Cryptachaea alleluia
Cryptachaea amazonas Theridiidae 114, f. B.80c (m) Cryptachaea amazonas
Cryptachaea blattea Theridiidae 115, f. B.81a, B.83a (m) Cryptachaea blattea
Cryptachaea bonaldoi Theridiidae 114, f. B.80d (m) Cryptachaea bonaldoi
Cryptachaea ingijonathorum Theridiidae 114, f. B.80b (m) Cryptachaea ingijonathorum
Dipoena torva Theridiidae 36, 122, f. A.23e, B.90a-b (m) Dipoena torva
Dipoenura cyclosoides Theridiidae 40, 125, f. A.27h, B.95-97 (m) Dipoenura cyclosoides
Echinotheridion cartum Theridiidae 18, 127, f. A.3a, B.98a (f) Echinotheridion cartum
Echinotheridion levii Theridiidae 18, 127, f. A.3b, B.98b (m) Echinotheridion levii
Episinus maculipes Theridiidae 137, f. B.113a, B.115 (m) Episinus maculipes
Euryopis episinoides Theridiidae 138, f. B.116a, B.119a, B.120-122 (m) Euryopis episinoides
Euryopis flavomaculata Theridiidae 140, f. B.119b (m) Euryopis flavomaculata
Euryopis laeta Theridiidae 140, f. B.119c (m) Euryopis laeta
Eurypoena tuberosa Theridiidae 36, 144, f. A. 23a, B.126a-b, B.127 (m) Eurypoena tuberosa
Exalbidion sexmaculatum Theridiidae 146, f. B.129a-b (m) Exalbidion sexmaculatum
Faiditus chickeringi Theridiidae 148, f. B.131 (m) Faiditus cf chickeringi
Gmogala scarabaeus Theridiidae 21, 149, f. A.7b, B.133a-b (m) Gmogala scarabaeus
Grancanaridion grancanariense Theridiidae 41, 150, f. A.29b, B.134-135 (m) Grancanaridion grancanariense
Guaraniella mahnerti Theridiidae 24, 152, f. A.10a-b, B.136a-c (m) Guaraniella mahnerti
Hadrotarsus ornatus Theridiidae 21, 153, f. A.6a, A.7a, B.137a-b (m) Hadrotarsus ornatus
Helvibis germaini Theridiidae 18, 154, f. A.2b, B.139 (m) Helvibis germaini
Helvidia scabricula Theridiidae 25, 156, f. A.11a-b, B.140a-b (m) Helvidia scabricula
Hentziectypus conjunctus Theridiidae 157, f. B.141c (m) Hentziectypus conjunctus
Hentziectypus globosus Theridiidae 49, 157, f. A.38a, B.141a (m) Hentziectypus globosus
Hentziectypus tayrona Theridiidae 157, f. B.141b (m) Hentziectypus tayrona
Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Theridiidae 48, 158, f. A.37c, B.142-144 (m) Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum
Hetschkia gracilis Theridiidae 17, 160, f. A.1d-e, B.145a-c (m) Hetschkia gracilis
Histagonia deserticola Theridiidae 49, 161, f. A.38e, B.146a-b (m) Histagonia deserticola
Jamaitidion jamaicense Theridiidae 163, f. B.148a-d (mf) Jamaitidion jamaicense
Keijiella oculiprominens Theridiidae 45, 167, f. A.34f, B.154a-b, B.155-156 (m) Keijiella oculiprominens
Kochiura aulica Theridiidae 38, 169, f. A.25b, B.157, B.158a, B.159 (m) Kochiura aulica
Kochiura olaup Theridiidae 170, f. B.158b (m) Kochiura olaup
Landoppo misamisoriensis Theridiidae 48, 171, f. A.37d, B.160a-b (m) Landoppo misamisoriensis
Lasaeola prona Theridiidae 172, f. B.161e, B.164 (m) Lasaeola prona
Latrodectus mactans Theridiidae 27, 176, f. A.13d, B.166 (m) Latrodectus mactans
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Theridiidae 178, f. B.169a-c (m) Latrodectus tredecimguttatus
Macaridion barreti Theridiidae 49, 180, f. A.38f-g, B.172a-b, B.173-174 (m) Macaridion barreti
Moneta tanikawai Theridiidae 190, f. B.186a (m) Moneta tanikawai
Moneta uncinata Theridiidae 190, f. B.186b (m) Moneta uncinata
Montanidion kuantanense Theridiidae 41, 192, f. A.29a, B.189a-b (m) Montanidion kuantanense
Nanume naneum Theridiidae 21, 193, f. A.6d, B.190a-c (m) Nanume naneum
Neopisinus fiapo Theridiidae 34, 194, f. A.20m, B.191a-c (m) Neopisinus fiapo
Neospintharus fur Theridiidae 196, f. B.193d, B.195b (m) Neospintharus fur
Neottiura bimaculata Theridiidae 200, f. B.199a, B.200-201 (m) Neottiura bimaculata
Neottiura herbigrada Theridiidae 200, f. B.199b (m) Neottiura herbigrada
Neottiura uncinata Theridiidae 35, 199, f. A.21, B.197-198 (m) Neottiura uncinata
Nesopholcomma izuense Theridiidae 31, 203, f. A.18b-c, B.202a-d (m) Nesopholcomma izuense
Nesticodes rufipes Theridiidae 46, 204, f. A.36f, B.203-204 (m) Nesticodes rufipes
Nihonhimea japonica Theridiidae 45, 206, f. A.34d-e, B.205a-b (m) Nihonhimea japonica
Nipponidion yaeyamense Theridiidae 46, 208, f. A.35a, B.208 (m) Nipponidion yaeyamense
Nojimaia nipponica Theridiidae 49, 210, f. A.38c, B.210 (m) Nojimaia nipponica
Ohlertidion ohlerti Theridiidae 44, 211, f. A.33a, B.211a-b, B.212 (mf) Ohlertidion ohlerti
Okumaella okumae Theridiidae 32, 213, f. A.19b, B.214a-b, B.215-217 (m) Okumaella okumae
Paidiscura pallens Theridiidae 46, 216, f. A.36c, B.218a-b, B.219 (m) Paidiscura pallens
Parasteatoda lunata Theridiidae 45, 220, f. A.34a, B.222a-b, B.223 (m) Parasteatoda lunata
Paratheridula perniciosa Theridiidae 42, 222, f. A.30c, B.227a-b (m) Paratheridula perniciosa
Phycosoma diaoluo Theridiidae 230, f. B.238d (= f at fig.) (m) Phycosoma diaoluo
Phylloneta impressa Theridiidae 43, 233, f. A.32c, B.244 (m) Phylloneta impressa
Platnickina tincta Theridiidae 37, 234, f. A.24b, B.245-247 (m) Platnickina tincta
Proboscidula loricata Theridiidae 28, 237, f. A.15c, B.249a-b (m) Proboscidula loricata
Pycnoepisinus kilimandjaroensis Theridiidae 27, 240, f. A.13f, B.253a-e (m) Pycnoepisinus kilimandjaroensis
Rhomphaea sagana Theridiidae 242, f. B.256b (m) Rhomphaea sagana
Robertus kastoni Theridiidae 26, 245, f. A.12, B.261 (m) Robertus kastoni
Ruborridion musivum Theridiidae 247, f. B.264-265 (m) Ruborridion musivum
Rugathodes bellicosus Theridiidae 249, f. B.266b, B.267 (m) Rugathodes bellicosus
Sardinidion blackwalli Theridiidae 46, 251, f. A.35b, B.269a-b, B.270 (m) Sardinidion blackwalli
Selkirkiella carelmapuensis Theridiidae 42, 253, f. A.31, B.271a-b (m) Selkirkiella carelmapuensis
Sesato setosa Theridiidae 19, 254, f. A.4a, B.272a-b (m) Sesato setosa
Seycellesa braueri Theridiidae 44, 255, f. A.33c, B.273 (m) Seycellesa braueri
Simitidion simile Theridiidae 256, f. B.274-277 (m) Simitidion simile
Spheropistha miyashitai Theridiidae 25, 259, f. A.11c-d, B.279a-b (m) Spheropistha miyashitai
Spinembolia clabnum Theridiidae 49, 261, f. A.38b, B.282a-b (m) Spinembolia clabnum
Spintharus michelleobamaae Theridiidae 262, f. B.283c (m) Spintharus michelleobamaae
Steatoda albomaculata Theridiidae 9, f. 3a-b, A.13c, B.290 (m) Steatoda albomaculata
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 264, f. B.285-286 (m) Steatoda grossa
Stoda libudum Theridiidae 269, f. B.294a-b (m) Stoda libudum
Takayus fujisawai Theridiidae 46, 271, f. A.36d, B.296b, B.297 (m) Takayus fujisawai
Tamanidion multidenticuli Theridiidae 48, 273, f. A.37a, B.298 (m) Tamanidion multidenticuli
Tekellina helixicis Synotaxidae 274, f. B.299c (m) Tekellina helixicis
Theonoe minutissima Theridiidae 23, 276, f. A.9b, B.301a-b, B.302-305 (m) Theonoe minutissima
Theridion pictum Theridiidae 279, f. B.306-307 (m) Theridion pictum
Theridula gonygaster Theridiidae 42, 283, f. A.30a-b, B.313-314 (m) Theridula gonygaster
Thwaitesia meruensis Theridiidae 40, 287, f. A.27e, B.318 (m) Thwaitesia meruensis
Tidarren argo Theridiidae 18, 291, f. A.3c, B.325a-b (m) Tidarren argo
Tidarren ephemerum Theridiidae 291, f. B.325a (m) Tidarren ephemerum
Tomoxena dives Theridiidae 293, f. B.328a-b (f) Tomoxena dives
Wamba congener Theridiidae 24, 294, f. A.10f, B.329a-c, B.330 (m) Wamba congener
Wamba crispulus Theridiidae 294, f. B.329d (m) Wamba crispulus
Wirada tovarensis Theridiidae 296, f. B.331d-e (m) Wirada tovarensis
Yaginumena mutilata Theridiidae 36, 297, f. A.23d, B.332a-b, B.333 (m) Yaginumena mutilata
Yoroa clypeoglandularis Theridiidae 22, 299, f. A.8a-b, B.334a-b, B.335 (m) Yoroa clypeoglandularis
Yunohamella serpatusa Theridiidae 44, 301, f. A.33b, B.336c (m) Yunohamella serpatusa
Zercidium helenense Theridiidae 21, 303, f. A.6b-c, B.338a-c (m) Zercidium helenense
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