Included taxa

Nicolet, H. (1849). Aracnidos. In: Gay, C. (ed.) Historia física y política de Chile. Zoología 3, 319-543, pl. 1-5. doi:10.5962/bhl.title.16172 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoceto acupicta Anyphaenidae 420 (Df) Clubiona acupicta
Acanthogonatus brunneus Pycnothelidae 336, pl. 1, f. 5 (Df) Mygale brunnea
Acanthogonatus subcalpeianus Pycnothelidae 334 (Df) Mygale subcalpeiana
Allende longipes Tetragnathidae 491 (Df) Epeira longipes
Amaurobioides chilensis Anyphaenidae 419 (Df) Clubiona chilensis
Amaurobius sinister Amaurobiidae 439 (Df) Clubiona sinistra
Araneus crux Araneidae 494 (Df; preoccupied by Walckenaer, 1802, see Araneus angulatus) Epeira cruciata
Araneus liliputanus Araneidae 501 (Dmf) Epeira liliputana
Araneus minutellus Araneidae 508 (Df; preoccupied by Meyer, 1790: 13, see Araneus minutus) Epeira minuta
Argiope trifasciata Araneidae 493 (Df) Epeira flavipes
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 341, pl. 2, f. 6 (Df) Dysdera maxima
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 342 (Df) [] Dysdera incerta
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 342 (Df) [] Dysdera virens
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 343, pl. 2, f. 8 (Dmf) [] Dysdera longipes
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 344, pl. 2, f. 7 (Df) [] Dysdera coarctata
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 345, pl. 2, f. 9 (Dj) [] Segestria pusilla
Avicularia splendens Theraphosidae 335, pl. 1, f. 4 (Dm) Mygale splendens
Calacadia ambigua Desidae 438 (Dmf) Clubiona ambigua
Camillina longipes Gnaphosidae 458 (Df) Drassus longipes
Clubiona acies Clubionidae 446 (Df) Clubiona acies
Clubiona candefacta Clubionidae 440 (Df) Clubiona candefacta
Clubiona debilis Clubionidae 440 (Df) Clubiona debilis
Clubiona flavocincta Clubionidae 447 (Df) Clubiona flavocincta
Clubiona longipes Clubionidae 435 (Df) Clubiona longipes
Clubiona minuscula Clubionidae 446 (Df) Clubiona minuscula
Clubiona minuta Clubionidae 439 (Df) Clubiona minuta
Clubiona puera Clubionidae 447 (Df) Clubiona puera
Clubiona scenica Clubionidae 425 (Df) Clubiona scenica
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 396 (Df; preoccupied by C. L. Koch, 1837, see Xysticus audax) [] Thomisus cinereus
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 394, pl. 3, f. 9 (Df) Thomisus ditissimus
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 395 (Df) [] Thomisus spissus
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 396 (Dm) [] Thomisus variabilis
Coenypha edwardsi Thomisidae 392, pl. 3, f. 8, 11 (Dmf) Thomisus edwardsii
Coenypha edwardsi Thomisidae 392 (Dmf) [] Thomisus fuliginosus
Coenypha edwardsi Thomisidae 391, pl. 3, f. 7 (Df) [] Thomisus lucasii
Coenypha nodosa Thomisidae 397 (Dmf) Thomisus nodosus
Coenypha nodosa Thomisidae 398 (Df) [] Thomisus verrucosus
Coenypha nodosa Thomisidae 398 (Df) [ Thomisus pubescens
Coenypha nodosa Thomisidae 400 (Df) [] Thomisus spectrum
Cybaeodamus lycosoides Zodariidae 453 (Df) Drassus lycosoides
Cyrioctea spinifer Zodariidae 454 (Df; for the ending of the specific epithet see ICZN Article 31.2.2) Drassus spinifer
Dendryphantes legibilis Salticidae 366 (Df; considered a nomen dubium by Roewer, 1955c: 1425) Attus legibilis
Dendryphantes mordax Salticidae 365 (Dmf) [] Attus scalaris
Dendryphantes mordax Salticidae 366 (Df) [] Attus iricolor
Dendryphantes mordax Salticidae 373 (Dmf) [] Attus zonarius
Dendryphantes mordax Salticidae 380 (Df) [] Attus superbus
Diphya macrophthalma Tetragnathidae 406 (Df) Diphya macrophthalma
Diphya macrophthalma Tetragnathidae 406 (Df) [] Diphya crassipes
Diphya macrophthalma Tetragnathidae 407 (Dmf) [] Diphya brevipes
Diphya macrophthalma Tetragnathidae 407 (Dm) [] Diphya longipes
Doliomalus cimicoides Trochanteriidae 381, pl. 3, f. 6 (Df) Delena cimicoides
Doliomalus laminus Trochanteriidae 381 (Df) Delena lamina
Dolomedes pullatus Pisauridae 364 (Dm) Dolomedes pullatus
Drassodes affinis Gnaphosidae 458 (Df) Drassus affinis
Drassodes venustus Gnaphosidae 457 (Df) Drassus venustus
Dubiaranea distincta Linyphiidae 521, pl. 5, f. 13 (Df) Linyphia distincta
Dysdera crocata Dysderidae 340, pl. 2, f. 5 (Dj) Dysdera gracilis
Episinus americanus Theridiidae 543 (D) Episinus americanus
Episinus typicus Theridiidae 539 (Df) Theridion typicum
Ero spinipes Mimetidae 540 (Dj) Theridion spinipes
Euathlus affinis Theraphosidae 333, pl. 1, f. 6 (Df) Mygale affinis
Gasteracantha flava Araneidae 476 (Df) Gasteracantha flava
Gayenna albiventris Anyphaenidae 434 (Df) Clubiona albiventris
Gayenna americana Anyphaenidae 451, pl. 4, f. 2 (Dmf) Gayenna americana
Gayenna gibbosa Anyphaenidae 436 (Df) Clubiona gibbosa
Gayenna lepida Anyphaenidae 436 (Df) Clubiona lepida
Gayenna lineata Anyphaenidae 435 (Df) Clubiona lineata
Gayenna puella Anyphaenidae 426 (Df) Clubiona puella
Gayenna pulchella Anyphaenidae 432 (Df) Clubiona pulchella
Gnolus cordiformis Araneidae 185 (Df) Arkys cordiformis
Gnolus cordiformis Araneidae 385 (Df) Arkys variabilis
Gnolus limbatus Araneidae 386, pl. 4, f. 11 (Df) Arkys limbatus
Gnolus spiculator Araneidae 384, pl. 4, f. 12 (Df) Arkys spiculator
Gnolus spiculator Araneidae 384 (Df) Arkys parvulus
Gnolus spiculator Araneidae 385 (Df) Arkys nigriventris
Grammostola rosea Theraphosidae 330 (Dmf) [] Mygale rubiginosa
Heterognatha chilensis Araneidae 470, pl. 5, f. 3 (Df; preoccupied by Nicolet, 1849 sub Epeira but not congeneric with that species) Heterognatha chilensis
Heterognatha chilensis Araneidae 471 (Df) Heterognatha margaritacea
Josa nigricans Anyphaenidae 447 (Df) Clubiona nigricans
Kochiura attrita Theridiidae 542 (Df) Theridion attritum
Kochiura attrita Theridiidae 541 (Df) [] Theridion levipes
Kochiura attrita Theridiidae 542 (Dj) [] Theridion minusculum
Kochiura ocellata Theridiidae 532 (Dm) Theridion ocellatum
Kochiura ocellata Theridiidae 536 (Df; preoccupied by Wider, 1834, see Nigma flavescens) [] Theridion viride
Kochiura ocellata Theridiidae 537 (Df) [] Theridion virgulatum
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 527, pl. 5, f. 14-14c (Dmf) Theridion roseum
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 530 (Dmf) [] Theridion rubicundum
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 531 (Df) [] Theridion bucculentum
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 534 (Df) [] Theridion opimum
Kochiura rosea Theridiidae 538 (Dmf) [] Theridion foliaceum
Latrodectus thoracicus Theridiidae 462 (Dj) Latrodectus thoracicus
Latrodectus thoracicus Theridiidae 460, pl. 4, f. 10 (f, misidentified) Latrodectus formidabilis
Latrodectus variegatus Theridiidae 461, pl. 4, f. 9 (Df) Latrodectus variegatus
Linyphia multipunctata Linyphiidae 522 (Df) Linyphia multipunctata
Linyphia picta Linyphiidae 523 (Dmf) Linyphia picta
Linyphia tenuipes Linyphiidae 524 (Df) Linyphia tenuipes
Loxosceles flavescens Sicariidae 350 Scytodes flavescens
Loxosceles laeta Sicariidae 349, pl. 2, f. 3 (Df) Scytodes laeta
Loxosceles laeta Sicariidae 348, pl. 1, f. 11 (Df; preoccupied by Lucas, 1834, see Loxosceles rufipes) [] Scytodes rufipes
Loxosceles laeta Sicariidae 350, pl. 2, f. 4 (Df) [] Scytodes nigella
Lycosa albata Lycosidae 362 (Df) Lycosa albata
Lycosa fuliginosa Lycosidae 362 (Df) Lycosa fuliginosa
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 358, pl. 2, f. 10 (Df) Lycosa implacida
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 359, pl. 2, f. 11 (Dm) Lycosa strenua
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 361 (D; preoccupied by Hentz, 1844, see Tigrosa aspersa) Lycosa aspersa
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 361 (Df) Lycosa murina
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 363 (Df) Lycosa longipes
Lycosa indomita Lycosidae 360, pl. 2, f. 12 (Df) Lycosa indomita
Lycosa liliputana Lycosidae 359 (Df) Lycosa liliputana
Macerio aspersus Cheiracanthiidae 442 (Dj) Clubiona aspersa
Macerio flavus Cheiracanthiidae 441, pl. 4, f. 1 (Dmf) Clubiona flava
Macerio flavus Cheiracanthiidae 442 (Df) Clubiona flavipes
Mastophora gasteracanthoides Araneidae 485, pl. 5, f. 7 (Df) Epeira gasteracanthoides
Meriola macrocephala Trachelidae 448 (Dmf) Clubiona macrocephala
Meriola obliterata Trachelidae 449 (Df) Clubiona obliterata
Meriola ultima Trachelidae 449 (Df) Clubiona ultima
Mesabolivar globulosus Pholcidae 464, pl. 4, f. 7 (Dm) Pholcus globulosus
Metaltella rorulenta Desidae 437 (Df) Clubiona rorulenta
Metepeira rectangula Araneidae 500 (Df) Epeira rectangula
Micrommata americana Sparassidae 417 (D) Sparassus americanus
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 503 (Df) Epeira clymene
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 503 (Df) Epeira thalia
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 504 (Df) [] Epeira nigrata
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 504 (Df) Epeira inflata
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 505 (Df) Epeira erudita
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 505 (Df) Epeira hispida
Molinaranea clymene Araneidae 506 (Df) Epeira valdiviensis
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 487 (Df) Epeira chilensis
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 490, pl. 5, f. 9 (Df) Epeira cinaberina
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 494 (Df) Epeira flaviventris
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 495 (Df; preoccupied by Linnaeus, 1758) Epeira quadripunctata
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 496 (Dmf) Epeira obliterata
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 498 (Df; preoccupied by Blackwell, 1846) Epeira affinis
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 499 (Dm) Epeira naevia
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 499 (Df; preoccupied by Fabricius, 1775) Epeira dorsalis
Molinaranea magellanica Araneidae 507 (Df; preoccupied by De Geer, 1778 sub Aranea) Epeira quadrimaculata
Monapia citrina Anyphaenidae 433 (Dj) Clubiona citrina
Monapia dilaticollis Anyphaenidae 436 (Df) Clubiona dilaticollis
Monapia dilaticollis Anyphaenidae 428 (Dmf) [] Clubiona smaragdula
Monapia dilaticollis Anyphaenidae 430 (Df; preoccupied by Hahn, 1833, see Anyphaena accentuata) [] Clubiona punctata
Monapia dilaticollis Anyphaenidae 434 (Df) [] Clubiona rufea
Monapia lutea Anyphaenidae 429 (Df) Clubiona lutea
Monapia lutea Anyphaenidae 429 (Df) [] Clubiona abdominalis
Monapia lutea Anyphaenidae 431 (Dmf) [] Clubiona sulphurea
Mygaloides nubila Nemesiidae 338 (Dj) Mygaloides nubila
Nicolepeira bicaudata Araneidae 509 (Df) [] Epeira carenata
Nicolepeira bicaudata Araneidae 510, pl. 5, f. 11 (Df) Epeira bicaudata
Nicolepeira flavifrons Araneidae 507, pl. 5, f. 8 (Df) Epeira flavifrons
Nicolepeira transversalis Araneidae 493 (mf) Epeira transversalis
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 387 (Df) Arkys reticulatus
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 388 (Df) [] Arkys gayi
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 388 (Df) [] Arkys piriformis
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 389, pl. 5, f. 1 (Df) [] Arkys flavescens
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 389 (Df) [] Arkys liliputanus
Oarces reticulatus Araneidae 389 (Df) [] Arkys inflatus
Olbus sparassoides Corinnidae 415, pl. 4, f. 4 (Dmf) Olios sparassoides
Olios flavens Sparassidae 416 (Df) Olios flavens
Olios ventrosus Sparassidae 413 (Dm) Olios ventrosus
Orsolobus singularis Orsolobidae 346 (Dm) Segestria singularis
Oxysoma longiventre Anyphaenidae 430 (Df) Clubiona longiventris
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 513, pl. 4, f. 13 (Df) Oxysoma punctata
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 512 (Df) Oxysoma punctipes
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 513 (Df) Oxysoma auratum
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 514 (Dmf) Oxysoma longipes
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 515 (Df) Oxysoma lineata
Pachypelma oculata Theraphosidae 331, pl. 1, f. 1 (Df) Mygale oculata
Pachypelma oculata Theraphosidae 331, pl. 1, f. 3 (Df) [] Mygale pygmaea
Parawixia advena Araneidae 488 (Df; misidentified per Petrunkevitch, 1911: 277) Epeira adianta
Parawixia immunda Araneidae 510 (Df) Epeira immunda
Petrichus fuliginosus Philodromidae 409 (Df) Philodromus fuliginosus
Petrichus funebris Philodromidae 410, pl. 3, f. 12 (Dmf) Philodromus funebris
Petrichus junior Philodromidae 411 (Dmf) Philodromus junior
Petrichus junior Philodromidae 412 (Df) [] Philodromus luteus
Phidyle punctipes Anyphaenidae 418 (Df) Sparassus punctipes
Philisca altiformis Anyphaenidae 444 (Dj) Clubiona altiformis
Philisca gayi Anyphaenidae 431 (Df) Clubiona gayi
Philisca miranda Anyphaenidae 457 (Dj) Drassus mirandus
Philisca tripunctata Anyphaenidae 444 (Df) Clubiona tripunctata
Philisca tripunctata Anyphaenidae 443 (Df) Clubiona ventricosa
Pholcus phalangioides Pholcidae 463, pl. 4, f. 8 (Df) [] Pholcus americanus
Phoroncidia fumosa Theridiidae 477 (Df) Gasteracantha fumosa
Phoroncidia gayi Theridiidae 473, pl. 5, f. 4 (Df) Gasteracantha gayi
Phoroncidia nicoleti Theridiidae 476 (Df; preoccupied by C. L. Koch, 1845) Gasteracantha pallida
Phoroncidia pennata Theridiidae 474, pl. 5, f. 5 (Df) Gasteracantha pennata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 478, pl. 5, f. 6 (Df) Gasteracantha scutula
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 479 (Df) Gasteracantha caduceator
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 479 (Df) Gasteracantha violaceata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 480 (Df) Gasteracantha maculata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 480 (Df) Gasteracantha porcellanae
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 480 (Df) Gasteracantha venusta
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 481 (Df) Gasteracantha scitula
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 481 (Df) Gasteracantha ventrosa
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 482 (Df) Gasteracantha columnata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 482 (Df) Gasteracantha inflata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 483 (Df) Gasteracantha punctata
Phoroncidia scutula Theridiidae 483 (Df) Gasteracantha minuta
Phoroncidia spissa Theridiidae 475 (Df) Gasteracantha spissa
Phoroncidia umbrosa Theridiidae 474 (Df) Gasteracantha umbrosa
Phoroncidia variabilis Theridiidae 476 (Df) Gasteracantha variabilis
Phrixotrichus scrofa Theraphosidae 332, pl. 1, f. 2 (Df) Mygale chilensis
Platnickia elegans Zodariidae 455, pl. 4, f. 3 (Df) Drassus elegans
Platnickia elegans Zodariidae 456 (Df) [] Drassus similis
Polybetes martius Sparassidae 413, pl. 3, f. 5 (Dm) Olios martius
Polybetes martius Sparassidae 414 (Df) Olios hispidus
Rubrius breviventris Macrobunidae 438 (Df) Clubiona breviventris
Rubrius breviventris Macrobunidae E16 (T from Clubiona) Mynthes breviventris
Salticus alaceo Salticidae 367 (Dm) Attus alaceo
Salticus annosus Salticidae 378 (Df) Attus annosus
Salticus argentatus Salticidae 377 (Df) Attus argentatus
Salticus aureolus Salticidae 368 (D) Salticus aureolus
Salticus bipunctatus Salticidae 374 (D) Attus bipunctatus
Salticus coenobiticus Salticidae 378 (Df) Attus coenobiticus
Salticus conspillum Salticidae 375 (D) Attus conspillum
Salticus cornatus Salticidae 371 (D) Attus cornatus
Salticus dubius Salticidae 369 (D) Attus dubius
Salticus flavipes Salticidae 379 (D) Attus flavipes
Salticus funereus Salticidae 377 (Dm) Attus funereus
Salticus juventus Salticidae 378 (Df) Attus juventus
Salticus maculosus Salticidae 375 (Df) Attus maculosus
Salticus modestus Salticidae 370 (Dm) Attus modestus
Salticus murinus Salticidae 373 (D) Attus murinus
Salticus musivum Salticidae 369 (D) Attus musivum
Salticus mustellatus Salticidae 376 (Df) Attus mustellatus
Salticus togatulus Salticidae 370 (D) Attus togatulus
Sanogasta gemella Anyphaenidae 433 (Df) Clubiona gemella
Sanogasta maculosa Anyphaenidae 423 (Df) Clubiona maculosa
Sanogasta maculosa Anyphaenidae 424 (Dmf) [] Clubiona sternalis
Saphrys rusticana Salticidae 374 (Df) Attus rusticanus
Saphrys rusticana Salticidae 379 (Dm) [] Attus vanus
Saphrys rusticana Salticidae 379 (Dm) [] Attus vestitus
Scytodes globula Scytodidae 347, pl. 2, f. 1-2 (Dmf) Scytodes globula
Selkirkiella purpurea Theridiidae 529 (Df) Theridion purpureum
Selkirkiella purpurea Theridiidae 529 (Df) Theridion transversum
Selkirkiella ventrosa Theridiidae 536 (Df) Theridion ventrosum
Sicarius crustosus Sicariidae 355, pl. 1, f. 8 (Df) Thomisoides crustosa
Sicarius fumosus Sicariidae 357 (Df) [] Thomisoides deformis
Sicarius fumosus Sicariidae 354, pl. 1, f. 7 (Df) Thomisoides fumosa
Sicarius lanuginosus Sicariidae 356 (Df) Thomisoides lanuginosa
Sicarius thomisoides Sicariidae 354 (Df) [] Thomisoides minorata
Sicarius thomisoides Sicariidae 353, pl. 1, f. 10 (Df) [] Thomisoides rubripes
Sicarius thomisoides Sicariidae 352, pl. 1, f. 9 (Df) [] Thomisoides terrosa
Sphecozone bicolor Linyphiidae 524, pl. 5, f. 12 (Df) Linyphia bicolor
Sphecozone modesta Linyphiidae 526, pl. 5, f. 15 (Df) Theridion modestum
Sphecozone modesta Linyphiidae 527 (Df) Theridion distinctum
Stephanopis exigua Thomisidae 401 (Dmf) Thomisus exiguus
Sybota abdominalis Uloboridae 466, pl. 5, f. 2 (Df) Sylvia abdominalis
Sybota abdominalis Uloboridae 467 (Df) Sylvia similis
Sybota abdominalis Uloboridae 467 (Df) Sylvia atra
Sybota abdominalis Uloboridae 468 (Df) Sylvia rubiginosa
Sybota abdominalis Uloboridae 468 (Df) Sylvia vittata
Tetragnatha linearis Tetragnathidae 517 (Df) Tetragnatha linearis
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 516, pl. 4, f. 5 (f, misidentified) Tetragnatha extensa
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 520 (Dm) [] Tetragnatha labialis
Tetragnatha similis Tetragnathidae 518, pl. 4, f. 6 (Df) Tetragnatha similis
Tetragnatha sternalis Tetragnathidae 519 (Df) Tetragnatha sternalis
Theridion agreste Theridiidae 540 (Df) Theridion agreste
Theridion albolineatum Theridiidae 533 (Df) Theridion albolineatum
Theridion ambiguum Theridiidae 532 (Df) Theridion ambiguum
Theridion armatum Theridiidae 539 (Dm) Theridion armatum
Theridion concinnum Theridiidae 535 (Df) Theridion concinnum
Theridion funerarium Theridiidae 537 (Df) Theridion funerarium
Theridion gayi Theridiidae 537 (Dj; preoccupied by C. L. Koch, 1836, see Anelosimus vittatus) Theridion vittatum
Theridion liliputanum Theridiidae 538 (Df) Theridion liliputanum
Theridion onustum Theridiidae 534 (Df) Theridion onustum
Theridion silvestre Theridiidae 531 (Dmf) Theridion silvestre
Theridion superbum Theridiidae 535 (Df) Theridion superbum
Theridion umbrosum Theridiidae 533 (Df) Theridion umbrosum
Thiodina nicoleti Salticidae 367, pl. 3, f. 2 (Df; preoccupied by Hentz, 1846, see Tutelina elegans) [] Attus elegans
Thomisus depressus Thomisidae 396 (D) Thomisus depressus
Thomisus flavipes Thomisidae 395 (D) Thomisus flavipes
Thomisus foederatus Thomisidae 304 (D) Thomisus foederatus
Thomisus graciosus Thomisidae 402, pl. 3, f. 10 (Df) Thomisus graciosus
Thomisus hystrix Thomisidae 404 (D) Thomisus hystrix
Thomisus liliputianus Thomisidae 393 (D) Thomisus liliputianus
Thomisus luteolus Thomisidae 402 (D) Thomisus luteolus
Thomisus marcidus Thomisidae 402 (D) Thomisus marcidus
Thomisus rugatus Thomisidae 400 (D) Thomisus rugatus
Thomisus sulcatus Thomisidae 399 (D) Thomisus sulcatus
Tmarus punctatus Thomisidae 408 (Df) Philodromus punctatus
Tomopisthes horrendus Anyphaenidae 421 (Df) Clubiona horrenda
Tomopisthes limbatus Anyphaenidae 422 (Dmf) Clubiona limbata
Tomopisthes nubes Anyphaenidae 421 (Df) Clubiona nubes
Tomopisthes pusillus Anyphaenidae 426 (Df) Clubiona pusilla
Tomopisthes versicolor Anyphaenidae 427 (Dmf) Clubiona versicolor
Trydarssus nobilitatus Salticidae 369 (Df) Attus nobilitatus
Trydarssus nobilitatus Salticidae 372 (Df) Attus similis
Ursa lunula Araneidae 501 (Df) Epeira lunula
Genus Family Page
Diphya Nicolet, 1849 Tetragnathidae 406
Gayenna Nicolet, 1849 Anyphaenidae 450
Heterognatha Nicolet, 1849 Araneidae 469
Mygaloides Nicolet, 1849 Nemesiidae 337
Oxysoma Nicolet, 1849 Anyphaenidae 511
Sylvia Nicolet, 1849 Uloboridae 465
Thomisoides Nicolet, 1849 Sicariidae 350