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Chickering, A. M. (1959). The genus Tetragnatha (Araneae, Argiopidae) in Michigan. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 119(9): 473-499. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tetragnatha caudata Tetragnathidae 479, f. 1-8 (mf) Tetragnatha caudata
Tetragnatha dearmata Tetragnathidae 484, f. 22-25 (mf) Tetragnatha harrodi
Tetragnatha elongata Tetragnathidae 480, f. 9-12 (mf) Tetragnatha elongata
Tetragnatha extensa Tetragnathidae 489, f. 36-40 (Dmf) Tetragnatha rusticana
Tetragnatha guatemalensis Tetragnathidae 482, f. 13-21 (mf) Tetragnatha guatemalensis
Tetragnatha laboriosa Tetragnathidae 486, f. 26-30 (mf) Tetragnatha laboriosa
Tetragnatha pallescens Tetragnathidae 487, f. 31-35 (mf) Tetragnatha pallescens
Tetragnatha straminea Tetragnathidae 494, f. 41-46 (mf) Tetragnatha straminea
Tetragnatha vermiformis Tetragnathidae 495, f. 47-52 (mf) Tetragnatha vermiformis
Tetragnatha versicolor Tetragnathidae 497, f. 53-57 (mf) Tetragnatha versicolor
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