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Holm, Å. (1973). On the spiders collected during the Swedish expeditions to Novaya Zemlya and Yenisey in 1875 and 1876. Zoologica Scripta 2(2-3): 71-110. doi:10.1111/j.1463-6409.1974.tb00741.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa norvegica Lycosidae 99 (S) Acantholycosa norvegica
Agroeca maculata Liocranidae 104, f. 109-110 (m) Agroeca maculata
Allomengea dentisetis Linyphiidae 89, f. 49-51 (f, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium) Allomengea pigra
Allomengea vidua Linyphiidae 90 (S of Linyphia vidua, removed from nomen dubium; used younger name without explanation) Allomengea warburtoni
Anguliphantes cerinus Linyphiidae 92, f. 63-64 (f, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium) Lepthyphantes cerinus
Araeoncus crassiceps Linyphiidae 78 (S) Araeoncus crassiceps
Arcterigone pilifrons Linyphiidae 78, f. 5-10 (m) Acartauchenius pilifrons
Bathyphantes eumenis Linyphiidae 90, f. 52-53 (f, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium) Bathyphantes eumenis
Bathyphantes eumenis Linyphiidae 91, f. 56-58 (m) Bathyphantes simillimus
Bathyphantes gracilis Linyphiidae 90 (S of Linyphia similior, removed from nomen dubium) Bathyphantes gracilis
Bathyphantes humilis Linyphiidae 90, f. 54-55 (f, S of Bathyphantes biscapus) Bathyphantes humilis
Centromerus clarus Linyphiidae 91, f. 59-62 (mf, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium, S of Linyphia ienisseica, L. ingloria and L. polita) Centromerus clarus
Centromerus semiater Linyphiidae 92 (Tf from Linyphia) Centromerus semiater
Cheiracanthium streblowi Cheiracanthiidae 104, f. 101 (f) Cheiracanthium streblowi
Clubiona interjecta Clubionidae 104, f. 102-105 (mf) Clubiona interjecta
Clubiona propinqua Clubionidae 104, f. 106-108 (m) Clubiona propinqua
Cnephalocotes obscurus Linyphiidae 79 (S of Erigone mollicula) Cnephalocotes obscurus
Collinsia borea Linyphiidae 79, f. 11-18 (mf, T from Porrhomma) Collinsia borea
Collinsia caliginosa Linyphiidae 79, f. 19-21 (f, T from Erigone, removed from nomen dubium) Collinsia caliginosa
Collinsia inerrans Linyphiidae 87 (S of Erigone deserta, Oedothorax imulus and O. submissus, all suppressed for lack of usage) Milleriana inerrans
Dicymbium facetum Linyphiidae 81, f. 22 (f, removed from nomen dubium, T from Erigone) Dicymbium facetum
Diplocephalus cristatus Linyphiidae 81, f. 25-26, 28 (f) Diplocephalus cristatus
Diplocephalus cristatus Linyphiidae 81, f. 23-24, 27 (Dmf) [] Diplocephalus cristatus angusticeps
Enoplognatha serratosignata Theridiidae 76, f. 1-3 (Sf) Enoplognatha serratosignata
Erigone arcticola Linyphiidae 82, f. 35 (f) [misidentified after Tanasevitch, 2017e: 149] Erigone arctophylacis
Gnaphosa microps Gnaphosidae 103 (S of Gnaphosa bilineata) Gnaphosa microps
Haplodrassus stuxbergi Gnaphosidae 103 (T from Drassodes) Haplodrassus stuxbergi
Hilaira proletaria Linyphiidae 85, f. 36-37 (mf, T from Linyphia, S of Hilaira zaicewi) Hilaira proletaria
Hybauchenidium aquilonare Linyphiidae 85, f. 38-45 (mf, T from Hybocoptus) Hybauchenidium aquilonare
Hybauchenidium ferrumequinum Linyphiidae 86 (T from Hybocoptus) Hybauchenidium prodigialis
Hybauchenidium gibbosum Linyphiidae 86 (T from Hybocoptus) Hybauchenidium gibbosum
Hypselistes semiflavus Linyphiidae 86, f. 46-48 (Tmf from Oedothorax) Hypselistes semiflavus
Incestophantes incestus Linyphiidae 93, f. 65-67 (f) Lepthyphantes incestus
Incestophantes kochiellus Linyphiidae 93, f. 68-70 (mf) Lepthyphantes kochiellus
Ipa terrenus Linyphiidae 95, f. 76-77 (f, T from Linyphia) Lepthyphantes terrenus
Lepthyphantes luteipes Linyphiidae 93, f. 71-72 (f, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium) Lepthyphantes luteipes
Lycosa immanis Lycosidae 99, f. 85 (Tf from Lycorma=Hogna) Lycosa immanis
Mughiphantes taczanowskii Linyphiidae 95, f. 78-84 (mf, T from Linyphia, removed from nomen dubium, S) Lepthyphantes trucidans
Pardosa fulvipes Lycosidae 101, f. 88-89 (f) Pardosa fulvipes
Pardosa indecora Lycosidae 101, f. 87 (f) Pardosa indecora
Pardosa lasciva Lycosidae 101, f. 92-100 (mf, S) Pardosa lasciva
Pardosa taczanowskii Lycosidae 100, f. 86, 90-91 (mf) Pardosa chionophila
Pelecopsis parallela Linyphiidae 87 (S of Erigone aesopea, removed from nomen dubium) Pelecopsis parallela
Philodromus blandus Philodromidae 105 (types are juvenile, identity is dubious = nomen dubium) Philodromus blandus
Poeciloneta variegata Linyphiidae 97 (S) Poeciloneta variegata
Porrhomma montanum Linyphiidae 97 (S) Porrhomma montanum
Savignia frontata Linyphiidae 87 (S of Erigone sucinea, removed from nomen dubium) Savignya frontata
Semljicola simplex Linyphiidae 82, f. 30-33 (Dm; not f. 34, f=Pseudocyba miracula Tanasevitch, 1984) Eboria sibirica
Silometopus reussi Linyphiidae 89 (S) Silometopus reussi
Tenuiphantes nigriventris Linyphiidae 95, f. 73-74 (f) Lepthyphantes nigriventris
Tenuiphantes nigriventris Linyphiidae 95, f. 75 (f) Lepthyphantes camtschaticus
Tetragnatha dearmata Tetragnathidae 98 (S) Tetragnatha dearmata
Theridion undulatum Theridiidae 76 (not identifiable with certainity, probably S of Enoplognatha serratosignata, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Theridium undulatum
Thymoites bellissimus Theridiidae 78, f. 4 (f) Theridion bellissimum
Tibioplus diversus Linyphiidae 89 (Tm from Oedothorax, Sf) Tibioplus diversus
Titanoeca schineri Titanoecidae 107, f. 111-112 (m) Titanoeca schineri
Titanoeca sibirica Titanoecidae 107, f. 113-117 (mf) Titanoeca sibirica
Tmeticus nigriceps Linyphiidae 89 (Tf from Gongylidium) Tmeticus nigriceps
Tmeticus tolli Linyphiidae 89 (T from Centromerus) Tmeticus tolli
Walckenaeria vigilax Linyphiidae 81 (S of Erigone hyperborea, removed from nomen dubium) Cornicularia vigilax
Xysticus emertoni Thomisidae 106 (S of Xysticus excellens) Xysticus emertoni
Xysticus obscurus Thomisidae 106 (S of Xysticus austerus) Xysticus obscurus
Genus Family Page
Hybauchenidium Holm, 1973 Linyphiidae 85