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Levi, H. W. (1983). The orb-weaver genera Argiope, Gea, and Neogea from the western Pacific region (Araneae: Araneidae, Argiopinae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 150(5): 247-338. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acusilas lepidus Araneidae 260 (Tm from Argiope; N.B.: probably misplaced in this genus, per Schmidt & Scharff, 2008: 23) Acusilas lepidus
Argiope aemula Araneidae 273, f. 9-10, 29-35 (mf, S) Argiope aemula
Argiope aetherea Araneidae 313, f. 5-6, 297-309 (mf, S) Argiope aetherea
Argiope amoena Araneidae 280, f. 67-72 (mf, S) Argiope amoena
Argiope anasuja Araneidae 293, f. 167-172 (f, Dm, S) Argiope anasuja
Argiope appensa Araneidae 308, f. 271-278 (mf, S) Argiope appensa
Argiope argentata Araneidae 251 (S) Argiope argentata
Argiope boesenbergi Araneidae 279, f. 61-66 (Dmf) Argiope boesenbergi
Argiope bougainvilla Araneidae 312, f. 286-291 (f, Dm, S) Argiope bougainvilla
Argiope bruennichi Araneidae 282, f. 81-86 (mf, S) Argiope bruennichi
Argiope brunnescentia Araneidae 310, f. 279-285 (f, Sm, elevated from subspecies) Argiope brunnescentia
Argiope buehleri Araneidae 276, f. 42-46 (f) Argiope buehleri
Argiope bullocki Araneidae 288, f. 120-123 (f) Argiope bullocki
Argiope caesarea Araneidae 279, f. 56-60 (f, S) Argiope caesarea
Argiope caledonia Araneidae 302, f. 217-221 (Df) Argiope caledonia
Argiope catenulata Araneidae 274, f. 36-41 (mf, S) Argiope catenulata
Argiope chloreides Araneidae 292, f. 141-143, 146-147 (f; misidentified and S with Argiope chloreis rejected per Tan et al., 2019b: 49) Argiope chloreis
Argiope chloreis Araneidae 292, f. 144-145, 148-151 (f; partly misidentified and S of Argiope chloreides rejected per Tan et al., 2019b: 49) Argiope chloreis
Argiope dietrichae Araneidae 290, f. 136-140 (Df) Argiope dietrichae
Argiope doboensis Araneidae 290, f. 1-2, 130-135 (mf) Argiope doboensis
Argiope halmaherensis Araneidae 294, f. 173-177 (f, S) Argiope halmaherensis
Argiope intricata Araneidae 304, f. 233-237 (f) Argiope intricata
Argiope katherina Araneidae 300, f. 211-216 (Dmf) Argiope katherina
Argiope keyserlingi Araneidae 296, f. 194-199 (f, Dm) Argiope keyserlingi
Argiope kochi Araneidae 298, f. 200-204 (Df, possible m-f. 193) Argiope kochi
Argiope lobata Araneidae 284, f. 87-97 (mf, S) Argiope lobata
Argiope luzona Araneidae 304, f. 227-232 (f, Dm) Argiope luzona
Argiope macrochoera Araneidae 272, f. 19-23 (f) Argiope macrochoera
Argiope magnifica Araneidae 280, f. 73-80 (mf, removed from S of A. aemula) Argiope magnifica
Argiope manicata Araneidae 262 (not recognizable = nomen dubium) Argiope manicata
Argiope manila Araneidae 272, f. 24-28 (Df) Argiope manila
Argiope mascordi Araneidae 296, f. 188-192 (Df, possible m-f. 193) Argiope mascordi
Argiope minuta Araneidae 298, f. 205-210 (mf, S) Argiope minuta
Argiope modesta Araneidae 308, f. 263-270 (f, S, rejected) Argiope modesta
Argiope niasensis Araneidae 294, f. 178-182 (f) Argiope niasensis
Argiope ocula Araneidae 272, f. 14-18 (f, Sm) Argiope ocula
Argiope ocyaloides Araneidae 288, f. 124-129 (f, Dm) Argiope ocyaloides
Argiope pentagona Araneidae 313, f. 292-296 (f) Argiope pentagona
Argiope perforata Araneidae 293, f. 162-166 (f) Argiope perforata
Argiope picta Araneidae 317, f. 7-8, 310-316 (mf, S) Argiope picta
Argiope ponape Araneidae 320, f. 329-333 (Df) Argiope ponape
Argiope possoica Araneidae 293, f. 157-161 (f, elevated from subspecies) Argiope possoica
Argiope probata Araneidae 286, f. 107-111 (mf) Argiope probata
Argiope protensa Araneidae 284, f. 98-106 (f, Dm, S of Argiope multifasciata) Argiope protensa
Argiope pulchella Araneidae 304, f. 238-250 (mf, S) Argiope pulchella
Argiope radon Araneidae 318, f. 317-323 (Dmf) Argiope radon
Argiope reinwardti Araneidae 276, f. 47-55 (mf, S) Argiope reinwardti
Argiope takum Araneidae 296, f. 183-187 (f) Argiope takum
Argiope taprobanica Araneidae 302, f. 222-226 (f) Argiope taprobanica
Argiope trifasciata Araneidae 286, f. 11, 112-119 (mf, S) Argiope trifasciata
Argiope truk Araneidae 320, f. 324-328 (Df) Argiope truk
Argiope versicolor Araneidae 305, f. 3-4, 251-262 (mf) Argiope versicolor
Cyrtophora moluccensis Araneidae 260 (Tf from Argiope) Cyrtophora leucopicta
Cyrtophora moluccensis Araneidae 292, f. 152-156 (Df) [] Argiope thai
Gea argiopides Araneidae 322, f. 345-349 (f) Gea argiopides
Gea bituberculata Araneidae 328, f. 376-380 (f) Gea bituberculata
Gea eff Araneidae 324, f. 336-337, 355-361 (Dmf) Gea eff
Gea heptagon Araneidae 322, f. 334-335, 338-344 (mf, S of Gea praecincta) Gea heptagon
Gea spinipes Araneidae 326, f. 362-375 (mf, S of Argiope chelifera [removed from S of Argiope catenulata, rejecting Simon, 1895a: 858], Gea decorata, G. festiva and G. festiva nigrifrons) Gea spinipes
Gea subarmata Araneidae 323, f. 350-354 (f, S of Gea brongersmai, G. catenulata and G. corbetti) Gea subarmata
Gea theridioides Araneidae 328, f. 381-388 (mf, S of Argiope curvipes) Gea theridioides
Leucauge virginis Tetragnathidae 321 (Tf from Gea) Leucauge virginis
Neogea egregia Araneidae 331, f. 389-390, 393-397 (Dm, f, T from Araneus) Neogea egregia
Neogea nocticolor Araneidae 331, f. 391-392, 398-406 (mf, T from Gea, S of Argiope lalita, Gea diadema, G. guttata and G. lugens) Neogea nocticolor
Plebs aurea Araneidae 260 (Tf from Zilla) Araneus aureus
Plebs sachalinensis Araneidae 262 Araneus sachalinensis
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Neogea Levi, 1983 Araneidae 328