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Okuma, C. & Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (1988). Tetragnatha (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) in the collection of the Plant Protection Research Institute, Pretoria with a description of a new species. Phytophylactica 20: 219-232. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tetragnatha angolaensis Tetragnathidae 219, f. 1A-I (Dm) Tetragnatha angolaensis
Tetragnatha bogotensis Tetragnathidae 223, f. 4A-L (mf) Tetragnatha boydi
Tetragnatha ceylonica Tetragnathidae 227, f. 5A-L (mf) Tetragnatha ceylonica
Tetragnatha demissa Tetragnathidae 227, f. 6A-M (mf) Tetragnatha demissa
Tetragnatha jaculator Tetragnathidae 231, f. 7A-L (mf) Tetragnatha jaculator
Tetragnatha keyserlingi Tetragnathidae 231, f. 8A-J (mf) Tetragnatha maxillosa
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 231, f. 9A-K (mf) Tetragnatha nitens
Tetragnatha subsquamata Tetragnathidae 231, f. 10A-K (mf) Tetragnatha subsquamata
Tetragnatha unicornis Tetragnathidae 222, f. 2A-K (mf) Tetragnatha unicornis
Tetragnatha vermiformis Tetragnathidae 222, f. 3A-K (mf) Tetragnatha vermiformis
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