Included taxa

Song, D. X. (1988). A revision of the Chinese spiders described by Chamberlin. Sinozoologia 6: 123-136. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus ventricosus Araneidae 128, f. 7A-B (f, S) Araneus ventricosus
Argiope bruennichi Araneidae 130, f. 9A-C (mf) Argiope bruennichi
Dolomedes chinesus Pisauridae 132, f. 12A-B (f) Dolomedes chinesus
Dolomedes saganus Pisauridae 132, f. 11A-B (m) Dolomedes insurgens
Leucauge celebesiana Tetragnathidae 127, f. 6A-C (mf, S) Leucauge retracta
Neoscona multiplicans Araneidae 129, f. 8A-B only (f, S, rejected) Neoscona scylla
Neoscona scylla Araneidae 129, f. 8C only (f) Neoscona scylla
Neriene radiata Linyphiidae 131 (S) Neriene radiata
Oxyopes lineatipes Oxyopidae 133 (S) Oxyopes lineatipes
Oxyopes sertatus Oxyopidae 134 (S) Oxyopes sertatus
Pardosa oriens Lycosidae 131, f. 10A-D (mf, T from Orinocosa) Pardosa oriens
Philodromus subaureolus Philodromidae 134 (S) Philodromus subaureolus
Psechrus senoculatus Psechridae 133 (S, rejected) Psechrus mimus
Tetragnatha keyserlingi Tetragnathidae 124, f. 2A-E (m) Tetragnatha maxillosa
Tetragnatha nigrita Tetragnathidae 126, f. 5A-C (m, S) Tetragnatha nigrita
Tetragnatha retinens Tetragnathidae 126, f. 4A-D (m) Tetragnatha retinens
Tetragnatha sociella Tetragnathidae 123, f. 1A-B (S, rejected) Tetragnatha praedonia
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