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Zhou, N. L. & Song, D. X. (1988). Notes on some jumping spiders from Xinjiang, China. Journal of the August 1st Agricultural College 37: 1-14. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus m-nigrum Salticidae 1, f. 1a-e (mf) Aelurillus m-nigrum
Attulus avocator Salticidae 9, f. 12a-f (mf) Sitticus avocator
Euophrys frontalis Salticidae 1, f. 2a-c (f) Euophrys frontalis
Evarcha falcata Salticidae 2, f. 3a-c (m) Evarcha falcata
Heliophanus potanini Salticidae 3, f. 4a-e (mf) Heliophanus potanini
Marusyllus auspex Salticidae 11, f. 15a-e (mf) Yllenus auspex
Marusyllus robustior Salticidae 13, f. 16a-f (mf, misidentified) Yllenus hamifer
Mogrus antoninus Salticidae 4, f. 5a-e (mf) Mogrus antoninus
Neon levis Salticidae 4, f. 6a-d (f) Neon levis
Pellenes nigrociliatus Salticidae 5, f. 7a-e (mf) Pellenes nigrociliatus
Philaeus chrysops Salticidae 6, f. 8a-c (f) Philaeus chrysops
Phlegra fasciata Salticidae 7, f. 9a-e (mf) Phlegra fasciata
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 8, f. 10a-e (mf) Icius cinctus
Salticus latidentatus Salticidae 8, f. 11a-c (f) Salticus potanini
Synageles ramitus Salticidae 11, f. 13a-f (mf, misidentified) Synageles charitonovi
Synageles venator Salticidae 11, f. 14a-c (f) Synageles venator
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