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Okuma, C. (1992). Notes on the Neotropical and Mexican species of Tetragnatha (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) with descriptions of three new species. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University 36: 219-243. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tetragnatha bogotensis Tetragnathidae 221, f. 1A-L (mf) Tetragnatha boydi
Tetragnatha caudata Tetragnathidae 222, f. 2A-E (f) Tetragnatha caudata
Tetragnatha cognata Tetragnathidae 223, f. 3A-H (m) Tetragnatha cognata
Tetragnatha eberhardi Tetragnathidae 225, f. 5A-I (Dm) Tetragnatha eberhardi
Tetragnatha elongata Tetragnathidae 226, f. 6A-J (mf) Tetragnatha elongata
Tetragnatha gertschi Tetragnathidae 228, f. 8A-J (mf) Tetragnatha gertschi
Tetragnatha guatemalensis Tetragnathidae 228, f. 9A-G (mf) Tetragnatha guatemalensis
Tetragnatha jaculator Tetragnathidae 230, f. 10A-I (m; may be senior S of T. argyroides and T. lewisi) Tetragnatha jaculator
Tetragnatha keyserlingi Tetragnathidae 228, f. 7A-H (m, Df) Tetragnatha ethodon
Tetragnatha laboriosa Tetragnathidae 231, f. 11A-F (m) Tetragnatha laboriosa
Tetragnatha levii Tetragnathidae 231, f. 12A-H (Dm) Tetragnatha levii
Tetragnatha mabelae Tetragnathidae 233, f. 13A-H (m) Tetragnatha mabelae
Tetragnatha mandibulata Tetragnathidae 223, f. 4A-N (mf) Tetragnatha confraterna
Tetragnatha mexicana Tetragnathidae 234, f. 14A-I (m) Tetragnatha mexicana
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 235, f. 15A-L (mf) Tetragnatha nitens
Tetragnatha pallescens Tetragnathidae 236, f. 16A-J (mf) Tetragnatha pallescens
Tetragnatha pallida Tetragnathidae 236, f. 17A-K (mf) Tetragnatha pallida
Tetragnatha paradoxa Tetragnathidae 238, f. 18A-G, 19A-E (Dmf) Tetragnatha paradoxa
Tetragnatha sinuosa Tetragnathidae 240, f. 20A-I (m) Tetragnatha sinuosa
Tetragnatha tenuissima Tetragnathidae 240, f. 21A-L (mf) Tetragnatha tenuissima
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