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Kukulcania hurca (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2019-02-21
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: USA, Mexico
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Taxonomic references
Filistata hurca Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942a: 3 (Df).
Kukulcania hurca Lehtinen, 1967: 242 (Tf from Filistata).
Kukulcania hurca Magalhaes & Ramírez, 2019: 87, f. 2A, 5F, 6D, 7F, 14A-J, 22A-F, 27C, 28C, 29C, 31A, 53A-D, 54A-I, 55A-F, 56A-H (Dmf).

Chamberlin, R. V. & Ivie, W. (1942a). A hundred new species of American spiders. Bulletin of the University of Utah 32(13): 1-117. download pdf -- Show included taxa

Lehtinen, P. T. (1967). Classification of the cribellate spiders and some allied families, with notes on the evolution of the suborder Araneomorpha. Annales Zoologici Fennici 4: 199-468. [second pdf: index and outline by V. D. Roth (unpubl.)] download pdf download pdf -- Show included taxa

Magalhaes, I. L. F. & Ramírez, M. J. (2019). The crevice weaver spider genus Kukulcania (Araneae: Filistatidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 426: 1-151. doi:10.1206/00030090-426.1.1 download pdf -- Show included taxa

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2019-02-21 New taxonomic reference entry Magalhaes & Ramírez, 2019 n/a
2019-02-21 First description of male Magalhaes & Ramírez, 2019 n/a (Old value)
2019-02-21 Species distribution update Magalhaes & Ramírez, 2019 n/a (Old value)