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Laperousea blattifera (Urquhart, 1887)

  • Rank: Species (Genus type)
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • Distribution: Australia, New Zealand
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  • Syntype: Zoologisches Museum Hamburg (ZMH), Hamburg, Germany (data base search of type material, 11.02.2019); mf (A0003514) of Linyphia cupidinea Simon, 1908
  • Syntype: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (ZMB), Germany (database export of type material, March 2019); Linyphia cupidinea Simon, 1908, (10407)
Taxonomic references
Linyphia blattifer Urquhart, 1887: 99, pl. 8, f. 7 (Dmf).
Linyphia cupidinea Simon, 1908d: 417 (Dmf).
Laperousea arenaria Dalmas, 1917b: 432 (Dmf).
Laperousea occidentalis Dalmas, 1917b: 433 (Dmf).
Stylophora blattifera Bryant, 1933b: 18, pl. 1, f. 8, pl. 4, f. 34, pl. 5, f. 50 (mf).
Bathyphantes blattifera Parrott, 1946: 74 (Tmf from Stylophora=Diplostyla).
Prolinyphia cupidinea Homann, 1952: 349 (Tmf from Linyphia).
Laperousea blattifera van Helsdingen, 1972: 371 (Tmf from Bathyphantes).
Laperousea cupidinea van Helsdingen, 1972: 372, f. 1-8 (Tmf from Prolinyphia=Neriene, S).
Laperousea blattifera Millidge, 1988a: 45, f. 208-214 (mf, S).

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