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Stemonyphantes blauveltae Gertsch, 1951

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  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • Distribution: USA, Canada
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Taxonomic references
Stemonyphantes bucculentus Emerton, 1882: 64, pl. 20, f. 1 (mf, misidentified).
Linyphia trilineata Emerton, 1902: 143, f. 335 (mf, misidentified).
Stemonyphantes bucculentus Blauvelt, 1936: 159, pl. 17, f. 119-126 (mf, misidentified).
Stemonyphantes lineatus Kaston, 1948: 118, f. 249-253 (mf, misidentified).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae Gertsch, 1951: 1, f. 4-5 (Dmf).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae van Helsdingen, 1968: 126, f. 19-29 (mf).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae Hormiga, 1994b: 4, f. 2A-E, 3A-C (m).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae Hormiga, 2000: 89, pl. 12A-F (m).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae Paquin & Dupérré, 2003: 149, f. 1641-1642 (mf).
Stemonyphantes blauveltae Tanasevitch, 2007b: 257, f. 4-6, 18-20 (mf).

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