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Lycosa chaperi Simon, 1885

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2022-04-01
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  • Distribution: Pakistan, India
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  • It is widely assumed that most of the type material from Simon can be found in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France
Taxonomic references
Lycosa chaperi Simon, 1885e: 458, pl. 10, f. 3 (Dmf).
Lycosa chaperi Dyal, 1935: 135, pl. 12, f. 27-30 (f).
Hogna chaperi Roewer, 1955c: 252.
Lycosa chaperi Bhatnagar & Sadana, 1963: 207, f. 3-10 (Tmf from Hogna).
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