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Hibana tenuis (L. Koch, 1866)

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  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • Distribution: Mexico to Venezuela, Caribbean
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Taxonomic references
Anyphaena tenuis L. Koch, 1866: 211, pl. 9, f. 140 (Df).
Aysha ferox Simon, 1897b: 507 (Df).
Aysha ravida Simon, 1897b: 508 (Df).
Aysha simplex O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1897c: 227, pl. 29, f. 3-4 (Dmf).
Aysha tenuis Simon, 1898i: 879 (Dm).
Aysha tenuis Petrunkevitch, 1930b: 61, f. 53-55 (mf).
Aysha septena Franganillo, 1935c: 23, f. 21b, 23 (Df; not m, =H. fusca).
Aysha septena Franganillo, 1936c: 117, f. 65b, 67 (f; not m, =H. fusca).
Aysha ferox Bryant, 1948b: 429, f. 115 (Dm).
Aysha tenuis Bryant, 1948b: 430 (S).
Hibana tenuis Brescovit, 1991b: 734, f. 6-9 (Tf from Aysha, Sm).
Hibana tenuis Brescovit, 1993b: 135 (S).
Hibana tenuis Brescovit, 1997a: 87, f. 218-224 (mf).

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