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Heriaeus horridus Tystshenko, 1965

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2021-11-25
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Ukraine, Russia (Europe to West Siberia), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
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  • Holotype: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (ZMB), Germany; m (18269) of Heriaeus sareptanus (Loerbroks, 1983)
  • Paratype: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (ZMB), Germany; 3f (18257) of Heriaeus sareptanus (Loerbroks, 1983)
Taxonomic references
Heriaeus horridus Tystshenko, 1965: 698, f. 4 (Dmf).
Misumenops kumaonensis Tikader, 1980a: 157, f. 223-224 (Df) [].
Heriaeus horridus Loerbroks, 1983: 131, f. 88-89 (mf).
Heriaeus sareptanus Loerbroks, 1983: 128, f. 23, 81-84 (Dmf) [].
Heriaeus sareptanus Marusik & Logunov, 1990: 52, f. 57-58 (m).
Heriaeus horridus Marusik & Logunov, 1995a: 136, f. 1-3 (mf, S of Heriaeus sareptanus).
Heriaeus horridus Lehtinen, 2004: 179 (S of Misumenops kumaonensis).
Heriaeus horridus Marusik & Kovblyuk, 2011: 253, f. 37.16, 23 (mf).
Heriaeus horridus Nadolny, 2020: 54, f. 2.1-8 (mf).
Heriaeus horridus Polchaninova et al., 2021: 105, f. 27-28, 34 (m).

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