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Walckenaeria bicolor Blackwall, 1841

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: nomen dubium
  • Described: m
  • Last updated: 2020-08-16
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Britain
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Taxonomic references
Walckenaera bicolor Blackwall, 1841: 635 (Dm).
Argus elongatus Walckenaer, 1847a: 569 ([= Pelecopsis elongata], S of Walckenaeria bicolor, not accepted by later authors).
Walckenaera bicolor Blackwall, 1864a: 303 (m).
Pexisma bicolor Hull, 1920b: 31 (T from Walckenaeria, older S of Erigone [= Micrargus] subaequalis).
Walckenaera bicolor Bristowe, 1941: 512 (identity uncertain, ? Nothocyba [= Micaragus] subaequalis).
Walckenaeria bicolor Wunderlich, 1972a: 416 (dubious).

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