Included taxa

Peng, X. J. (2020). Fauna Sinica, Invertebrata 53, Arachnida: Araneae: Salticidae. Science Press, Beijing, 612 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus m-nigrum Salticidae 35, f. 4a-f (mf) Aelurillus m-nigrum
Aelurillus v-insignitus Salticidae 36, f. 5a-d (mf) Aelurillus v-insignitus
Asemonea sichuanensis Salticidae 37, f. 6a-d (mf) Asemonea sichuanensis
Asemonea trispila Salticidae 38, f. 7a-c (f) Asemonea trispila
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 40, f. 8a-h (mf) Asianellus festivus
Asianellus potanini Salticidae 41, f. 9a-e (mf) Asianellus potanini
Asianellus yuzhongensis Salticidae 43, f. 10a-c (f, T from Phlegra) Asianellus yuzhongensis
Attulus albolineatus Salticidae 413, f. 300a-j (mf) Sitticus albolineatus
Attulus avocator Salticidae 415, f. 301a-d (mf, but includes Sitticus paraviduus, which is S of Attulus distinguendus) Sitticus avocator
Attulus clavator Salticidae 416, f. 302a-f (mf) Sitticus clavator
Attulus fasciger Salticidae 417, f. 303a-g (mf) Sitticus fasciger
Attulus floricola Salticidae 419, f. 304a-d (mf) Sitticus floricola
Attulus nitidus Salticidae 420, f. 305a-b (f) Sitticus nitidus
Attulus niveosignatus Salticidae 421, f. 306a-e (mf) Sitticus niveosignatus
Attulus penicillatus Salticidae 422, f. 307a-d (mf) Sitticus penicillatus
Attulus sinensis Salticidae 423, f. 308a-i (mf) Sitticus sinensis
Attulus zimmermanni Salticidae 426, f. 311a-d (mf) Sitticus zimmermanni
Bianor angulosus Salticidae 45, f. 11a-i (mf) Bianor angulosus
Bianor balius Salticidae 47, f. 13a-d (m) Bianor incitatus
Bianor hongkong Salticidae 46, f. 12a-b (f) Bianor hongkong
Brettus cingulatus Salticidae 48, f. 14a-c (f) Brettus albolimbatus
Bristowia heterospinosa Salticidae 49, f. 15a-h (mf) Bristowia heterospinosa
Burmattus nitidus Salticidae 51, f. 16a-c (m, T from Marpissa) Burmattus nitidus
Burmattus pococki Salticidae 52, f. 17a-h (mf) Burmattus pococki
Burmattus sinicus Salticidae 53, f. 18a-c (m) Burmattus sinicus
Carrhotus coronatus Salticidae 55, f. 19a-c (f) Carrhotus coronatus
Carrhotus sannio Salticidae 56, f. 20a-i (mf) Carrhotus sannio
Carrhotus viduus Salticidae 57, f. 21a-i (mf) Carrhotus viduus
Carrhotus xanthogramma Salticidae 58, f. 22a-h (mf) Carrhotus xanthogramma
Carrhotus yunnanensis Salticidae 381, f. 277a-c (f) Ptocasius yunnanensis
Chalcoscirtus martensi Salticidae 60, f. 23a-b (m) Chalcoscirtus martensi
Chalcoscirtus nangqianensis Salticidae 108, f. 62a-b (f) Euophrys nangqianensis
Chalcoscirtus nigritus Salticidae 61, f. 24a-e (mf) Chalcoscirtus nigritus
Chinattus dactyloides Salticidae 164, f. 106a-g (mf) Hasarius dactyloides
Chinattus furcatus Salticidae 66, f. 27a-e (m) Chinattus furcatus
Chinattus sinensis Salticidae 66, f. 28a-f (m) Chinattus sinensis
Chinattus taiwanensis Salticidae 68, f. 29a-d (m) Chinattus taiwanensis
Chinattus tibialis Salticidae 69, f. 30a-f (mf) Chinattus tibialis
Chinattus undulatus Salticidae 65, f. 26a-d (f) Chinattus emeiensis
Chinattus undulatus Salticidae 71, f. 31a-f (mf; = f. 22-27 of C. szechwanensis by Prószyński, 1992a) Chinattus undulatus
Chinattus validus Salticidae 72, f. 32a-d (m) Chinattus validus
Chinattus wulingensis Salticidae 73, f. 33a-e (f) Chinattus wulingensis
Chinattus wulingoides Salticidae 74, f. 34a-d (f) Chinattus wulingoides
Chinophrys liujiapingensis Salticidae 205, f. 139a-d (mf) Laufeia liujiapingensis
Chinophrys taiwanensis Salticidae 424, f. 309a-d (f) Sitticus taiwanensis
Chinophrys wuae Salticidae 425, f. 310a-d (f) Sitticus wuae
Chrysilla lauta Salticidae 75, f. 35a-b (m) Chrysilla lauta
Colopsus longipalpis Salticidae 62, f. 25a-h (mf) Cheliceroides longipalpis
Colyttus lehtineni Salticidae 76, f. 36a-g (mf) Colyttus lehtineni
Corusca liaoi Salticidae 115, f. 69a-c (f) Eupoa liaoi
Cyrba ocellata Salticidae 78, f. 37a-d (mf) Cyrba ocellata
Cytaea levii Salticidae 79, f. 38a-d (f) Cytaea levii
Dendryphantes biankii Salticidae 81, f. 39a-d (mf) Dendryphantes biankii
Dendryphantes fusconotatus Salticidae 82, f. 40a-i (mf) Dendryphantes fusconotatus
Dendryphantes hastatus Salticidae 84, f. 41a-d (mf) Dendryphantes hastatus
Dendryphantes linzhiensis Salticidae 85, f. 42a-b (f) Dendryphantes linzhiensis
Dendryphantes potanini Salticidae 85, f. 43a-d (mf) Dendryphantes potanini
Dendryphantes pseudochuldensis Salticidae 86, f. 44a-d (f) Dendryphantes pseudochuldensis
Dendryphantes yadongensis Salticidae 87, f. 45a-b (f) Dendryphantes yadongensis
Dexippus taiwanensis Salticidae 89, f. 43a-d (m) Dexippus taiwanensis
Epeus alboguttatus Salticidae 91, f. 47a-d (mf) Epeus alboguttatus
Epeus bicuspidatus Salticidae 92, f. 48a-d (m) Epeus bicuspidatus
Epeus glorius Salticidae 92, f. 49a-e (m) Epeus glorius
Epeus guangxi Salticidae 94, f. 50a-d (m) Epeus guangxi
Epeus tener Salticidae 97, f. 51a-e (mf) Epeus tener
Epocilla blairei Salticidae 97, f. 52a-d (mf) Epocilla blairei
Epocilla calcarata Salticidae 98, f. 53a-i (mf) Epocilla calcarata
Epocilla picturata Salticidae 100, f. 54a-b (f) Epocilla picturata
Euochin albopalpalis Salticidae 101, f. 55a-d (m) Euophrys albopalpalis
Euochin atrata Salticidae 102, f. 56a-b (f) Euophrys atrata
Euochin bulbus Salticidae 103, f. 57a-d (f) Euophrys bulbus
Euochin furva Salticidae 208, f. 142a-b (m) Lycidas furvus
Euophrys everestensis Salticidae 104, f. 58a-b (m) Euophrys everestensis
Euophrys frontalis Salticidae 105, f. 59a-f (mf) Euophrys frontalis
Euophrys kataokai Salticidae 106, f. 60a-d (mf) Euophrys kataokai
Euophrys namulinensis Salticidae 107, f. 61a-b (m) Euophrys namulinensis
Euophrys nepalica Salticidae 109, f. 63a-b (m) Euophrys nepalica
Euophrys rufibarbis Salticidae 110, f. 64a-e (f) Euophrys rufibarbis
Euophrys wenxianensis Salticidae 111, f. 65a-c (m) Euophrys wenxianensis
Euophrys yulungensis Salticidae 112, f. 66a-b (f) Euophrys yulungensis
Eupoa hainanensis Salticidae 113, f. 67a-c (f) Eupoa hainanensis
Eupoa jingwei Salticidae 114, f. 68a-b (m) Eupoa jingwei
Eupoa nezha Salticidae 117, f. 71a-c (mf) Eupoa nezha
Eupoa yunnanensis Salticidae 119, f. 72a-c (m) Eupoa yunnanensis
Evarcha albaria Salticidae 122, f. 72a-g (mf) Evarcha albaria
Evarcha arcuata Salticidae 123, f. 74a- (mf) Evarcha arcuata
Evarcha bulbosa Salticidae 123, f. 75a-d (m) Evarcha bulbosa
Evarcha coreana Salticidae 125, f. 76a-g (mf; includes Eνarcha paralbaria, but without stating a S) Evarcha coreana
Evarcha falcata Salticidae 128, f. 78a-d (f) Evarcha falcata
Evarcha falcata xinglongensis Salticidae 129, f. 79a-d (mf) Evarcha falcata xinglongensis
Evarcha fasciata Salticidae 130, f. 80a-c (m) Evarcha fasciata
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 131, f. 81a-d (f) Evarcha flavocincta
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 137, f. 86a (f) Evarcha optabilis
Evarcha laetabunda Salticidae 133, f. 83a-d (mf) Evarcha laetabunda
Evarcha michailovi Salticidae 134, f. 84a-d (mf, lapsus) Evarcha mikhailovi
Evarcha mongolica Salticidae 135, f. 85a-h (mf) Evarcha mongolica
Evarcha pococki Salticidae 139, f. 88a-d (m) Evarcha pococki
Evarcha proszynskii Salticidae 140, f. 89a-h (mf) Evarcha proszynski
Evarcha pseudopococki Salticidae 141, f. 90a-e (m) Evarcha pseudopococki
Evarcha wulingensis Salticidae 143, f. 91a-e (m) Evarcha wulingensis
Featheroides typica Salticidae 144, f. 92a-c (m) Featheroides typica
Featheroides yunnanensis Salticidae 145, f. 93a-c (m) Featheroides yunnanensis
Gedea daoxianensis Salticidae 147, f. 94a-f (mf) Gedea daoxianensis
Gedea fungiformis Salticidae 215, f. 148a-e (f) Meata fungiformis
Gedea sinensis Salticidae 148, f. 95a-b (m) Gedea sinensis
Gedea unguiformis Salticidae 149, f. 96a-i (mf) Gedea unguiformis
Gelotia syringopalpis Salticidae 150, f. 97a-e (mf) Gelotia syringopalpis
Habrocestum hongkongiense Salticidae 152, f. 98a-b (m) Habrocestum hongkongensis
Hakka himeshimensis Salticidae 153, f. 99a-h (mf) Hakka himeshimensis
Harmochirus brachiatus Salticidae 157, f. 101a-m (mf) Harmochirus brachiatus
Harmochirus pineus Salticidae 158, f. 102a-e (mf) Harmochirus pineus
Hasarina contortospinosa Salticidae 160, f. 104a-j (mf) Hasarina contortospinosa
Hasarius kweilinensis Salticidae 165, f. 107a-c (f) Hasarius kweilinensis
Heliophanus auratus Salticidae 167, f. 108a-d (f) Heliophanus auratus
Heliophanus baicalensis Salticidae 168, f. 109a-k (mf) Heliophanus baicalensis
Heliophanus curvidens Salticidae 170, f. 110a-d (m) Heliophanus curvidens
Heliophanus cuspidatus Salticidae 171, f. 111a-f (mf) Heliophanus cuspidatus
Heliophanus dubius Salticidae 172, f. 112a-c (f) Heliophanus dubius
Heliophanus flavipes Salticidae 173, f. 113a-f (mf) Heliophanus flavipes
Heliophanus lineiventris Salticidae 174, f. 114a-i (mf) Heliophanus lineiventris
Heliophanus patagiatus Salticidae 176, f. 115a-f (mf) Heliophanus patagiatus
Heliophanus potanini Salticidae 177, f. 116a-g (mf) Heliophanus potanini
Heliophanus simplex Salticidae 178, f. 117a-f (mf) Heliophanus simplex
Heliophanus ussuricus Salticidae 180, f. 118a-i (mf) Heliophanus ussuricus
Hermosa volatilis Salticidae 253, f. 177a-h (mf) Myrmarachne volatilis
Hyllus diardi Salticidae 181, f. 119a-d (f) Hyllus diardi
Hyllus diardi Salticidae 182, f. 120a-b (m) Hyllus lacertosus
Icius bilobus Salticidae 183, f. 121a-c (m) Icius bilobus
Icius hamatus Salticidae 185, f. 123a-d (mf) Icius hamatus
Icius indicus Salticidae 367, f. 264a-i (mf = reproduced figs. of Peng et al., 1993: 192, f. 671-679; misidentified per Wang et al., 2023e: 9) Pseudicius koreanus
Icius yadongensis Salticidae 155, f. 100a-e (mf; following Prószyński, 2016 who lists it in Hakka, but a T was never published) Hakka yadongensis
Irura hamatapophysis Salticidae 188, f. 125a-i (mf) Irura hamatapophysis
Irura longiochelicera Salticidae 189, f. 126a-k (mf) Irura longiochelicera
Irura trigonapophysis Salticidae 191, f. 127a-j (mf) Irura trigonapophysis
Irura yueluensis Salticidae 192, f. 128a-j (mf) Irura yueluensis
Irura yunnanensis Salticidae 193, f. 129a-i (mf) Irura yunnanensis
Kelawakaju frenata Salticidae 264, f. 185a (m) Ocrisiona frenata
Langerra oculina Salticidae 195, f. 130a-c (m) Langerra longicymbia
Langerra oculina Salticidae 196, f. 131a-b (f) Langerra oculina
Langona atrata Salticidae 197, f. 132a-d (f) Langona atrata
Langona bhutanica Salticidae 199, f. 133a-d (m) Langona bhutanica
Langona biangula Salticidae 200, f. 134a-e (mf) Langona biangula
Langona hongkong Salticidae 201, f. 135a-b (m) Langona hongkong
Langona maculata Salticidae 202, f. 136a-e (f) Langona maculata
Langona tartarica Salticidae 203, f. 137a-d (mf) Langona tartarica
Laufeia aenea Salticidae 204, f. 138a-c (mf) Laufeia aenea
Lechia squamata Salticidae 207, f. 141a-b (f) Lechia squamata
Macaroeris moebi Salticidae 209, f. 143a-d (f; presumably misidentified per Prószyński 2016) Macaroeris moebi
Marpissa linzhiensis Salticidae 210, f. 144a-b (f) Marpissa linzhiensis
Marpissa milleri Salticidae 211, f. 145a-g (mf) Marpissa milleri
Marpissa pomatia Salticidae 212, f. 146a-h (mf) Marpissa pomatia
Marpissa pulla Salticidae 214, f. 147a-g (mf) Marpissa pulla
Marusyllus auspex Salticidae 510, f. 378a-d (mf) Yllenus auspex
Marusyllus bajan Salticidae 511, f. 379a-d (mf) Yllenus bajan
Marusyllus bator Salticidae 512, f. 380a-b (f) Yllenus bator
Marusyllus maoniuensis Salticidae 514, f. 382a-d (mf) Yllenus maoniuensis
Marusyllus namulinensis Salticidae 515, f. 383a-b (f) Yllenus namulinensis
Marusyllus pseudobajan Salticidae 516, f. 384a-c (m) Yllenus pseudobajan
Marusyllus robustior Salticidae 517, f. 385a-f (mf) Yllenus robustior
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 217, f. 149a-i (mf) Mendoza canestrinii
Mendoza elongata Salticidae 219, f. 150a-g (mf) Mendoza elongata
Mendoza nobilis Salticidae 220, f. 151a-g (mf) Mendoza nobilis
Mendoza pulchra Salticidae 222, f. 152a-d (mf) Mendoza pulchra
Menemerus bivittatus Salticidae 223, f. 153a-f (mf) Menemerus bivittatus
Menemerus brachygnathus Salticidae 225, f. 154a-h (mf) Menemerus brachygnathus
Menemerus fulvus Salticidae 226, f. 155a-b (f) Menemerus fulvus
Menemerus pentamaculatus Salticidae 228, f. 156a-b (f) Menemerus pentamaculatus
Modunda aeneiceps Salticidae 229, f. 157a-d (f) Modunda aeneiceps
Mogrus antoninus Salticidae 230, f. 158a-d (mf) Mogrus antoninus
Myrmaplata plataleoides Salticidae 250, f. 174a-j (mf) Myrmarachne plataleoides
Myrmarachne angusta Salticidae 233, f. 159a-j (mf) Myrmarachne annamita
Myrmarachne brevis Salticidae 235, f. 160a-c (m) Myrmarachne brevis
Myrmarachne circulus Salticidae 236, f. 161a-e (mf) Myrmarachne circulus
Myrmarachne elongata Salticidae 237, f. 162a-c (f) Myrmarachne elongata
Myrmarachne formicaria Salticidae 237, f. 163a-h (mf) Myrmarachne formicaria
Myrmarachne gisti Salticidae 239, f. 164a-j (mf) Myrmarachne gisti
Myrmarachne inermichelis Salticidae 243, f. 167a-d (mf) Myrmarachne inermichelis
Myrmarachne japonica Salticidae 244, f. 168a-b (mf) Myrmarachne japonica
Myrmarachne kiboschensis Salticidae 245, f. 169a-e (mf) Myrmarachne kiboschensis
Myrmarachne kuwagata Salticidae 246, f. 170a-e (m) Myrmarachne kuwagata
Myrmarachne linguiensis Salticidae 247, f. 171a-c (m) Myrmarachne linguiensis
Myrmarachne lugubris Salticidae 248, f. 172a-d (mf) Myrmarachne lugubris
Myrmarachne pumilio Salticidae 242, f. 166a-f (mf) Myrmarachne hanoii
Myrmarachne schenkeli Salticidae 251, f. 175a-b (mf) Myrmarachne schenkeli
Nandicius cambridgei Salticidae 361, f. 258a-b (f) Pseudicius cambridgei
Nandicius deletus Salticidae 365, f. 262a-b (f) Pseudicius deletus
Nandicius frigidus Salticidae 366, f. 263a-d (mf) Pseudicius frigidus
Nandicius szechuanensis Salticidae 368, f. 265a-b (f) Pseudicius szechuanensis
Neon levis Salticidae 255, f. 178a-d (mf) Neon levis
Neon minutus Salticidae 256, f. 179a-d (mf) Neon minutus
Neon ningyo Salticidae 257, f. 180a-d (m) Neon ningyo
Neon reticulatus Salticidae 259, f. 181a-e (mf) Neon reticulatus
Neon wangi Salticidae 260, f. 182a-d (f) Neon wangi
Neon zonatus Salticidae 261, f. 183a-c (f) Neon zonatus
Nigorella hirticeps Salticidae 132, f. 82a-d (m) Evarcha hirticeps
Nigorella orientalis Salticidae 138, f. 87a-h (mf; includes Eνarcha sichuanensis [now in Nigorella], but without stating a S) Evarcha orientalis
Nungia epigynalis Salticidae 262, f. 184a-j (mf) Nungia epigynalis
Ocrisiona suilingensis Salticidae 264, f. 186a-c (m) Ocrisiona suilingensis
Onomastus nigrimaculatus Salticidae 266, f. 186a-e (mf) Onomastus nigrimaculatus
Orcevia proszynskii Salticidae 206, f. 140a-b (m) Laufeia proszynskii
Orientattus hongkong Salticidae 272, f. 192a-b (f) Pancorius hongkong
Orientattus minutus Salticidae 274, f. 194a-c (f) Orienattus minutus
Orienticius chinensis Salticidae 362, f. 259a-b (f) Pseudicius chinensis
Orienticius vulpes Salticidae 369, f. 266a-h (mf) Pseudicius vulpes
Pancorius cheni Salticidae 268, f. 188a-d (m) Pancorius cheni
Pancorius crassipes Salticidae 269, f. 189a-e (mf) Pancorius crassipes
Pancorius goulufengensis Salticidae 270, f. 190a-c (f) Pancorius goulufengensis
Pancorius hainanensis Salticidae 271, f. 191a-c (m) Pancorius hainanensis
Pancorius magnus Salticidae 273, f. 193a-g (mf) Pancorius magnus
Pancorius taiwanensis Salticidae 275, f. 195a-d (f) Pancorius taiwanensis
Pancorius variformis Salticidae 502, f. 372a-b (f) Yaginumaella variformis
Pellenes denisi Salticidae 276, f. 196a-d (f) Pellenes denisi
Pellenes epularis Salticidae 278, f. 197a-b (m) Pellenes epularis
Pellenes gerensis Salticidae 279, f. 198a-b (f) Pellenes gerensis
Pellenes gobiensis Salticidae 279, f. 199a-d (mf) Pellenes gobiensis
Pellenes nigrociliatus Salticidae 281, f. 200a-f (mf) Pellenes nigrociliatus
Pellenes sibiricus Salticidae 282, f. 201a-d (mf) Pellenes sibiricus
Pellenes tripunctatus Salticidae 284, f. 202a-e (mf) Pellenes tripunctatus
Pengmarengo elongata Salticidae 469, f. 344a-e (f) Tauala elongata
Phaeacius malayensis Salticidae 285, f. 203a-d (mf) Phaeacius malayensis
Phaeacius yixin Salticidae 286, f. 204a-b (m) Phaeacius yixin
Phaeacius yunnanensis Salticidae 287, f. 205a-e (m) Phaeacius yunnanensis
Philaeus chrysops Salticidae 289, f. 206a-f (mf) Philaeus chrysops
Philaeus daoxianensis Salticidae 290, f. 207a-d (m) Philaeus daoxianensis
Phintella abnormis Salticidae 292, f. 208a-d (mf) Phintella abnormis
Phintella arenicolor Salticidae 296, f. 211a-g (mf) Phintella arenicolor
Phintella bifurcilinea Salticidae 297, f. 212a-g (mf) Phintella bifurcilinea
Phintella cavaleriei Salticidae 299, f. 213a-h (mf) Phintella cavaleriei
Phintella debilis Salticidae 300, f. 214a-i (mf) Phintella debilis
Phintella hainani Salticidae 302, f. 215a-b (m) Phintella hainani
Phintella handersoni Salticidae 294, f. 209a-c (f; misidentified per Sudhin, Caleb & Sen, 2024: 35) Phintella accentifera
Phintella handersoni Salticidae 307, f. 220a-e (m; misidentified per Sudhin, Caleb & Sen, 2024: 35) Phintella suavis
Phintella linea Salticidae 303, f. 216a-d (mf) Phintella linea
Phintella parva Salticidae 304, f. 217a-g (mf) Phintella parva
Phintella popovi Salticidae 305, f. 218a-g (mf) Phintella popovi
Phintella pygmaea Salticidae 306, f. 219a-b (f) Phintella pygmaea
Phintella vittata Salticidae 309, f. 222a-i (m) Phintella vittata
Phintella wandae Salticidae 294, f. 210a-f (m; reproduced figs. of Peng et al., 1993: 151, f. 518-523; same specimen as Xie, 1993: 358, f. 8-10; misidentified per Wang et al., 2023e: 22, 51) Phintella aequipeiformis
Phintelloides versicolor Salticidae 308, f. 221a-h (mf) Phintella versicolor
Phlegra cinereofasciata Salticidae 311, f. 223a-h (mf) Phlegra cinereofasciata
Phlegra fasciata Salticidae 313, f. 224a-f (mf) Phlegra fasciata
Phlegra pisarskii Salticidae 314, f. 225a-g (m) Phlegra pisarskii
Phlegra thibetana Salticidae 316, f. 226a-b (f) Phlegra thibetana
Plexippoides annulipedis Salticidae 318, f. 227a-b (m) Plexippoides annulipedis
Plexippoides cornutus Salticidae 319, f. 228a-d (m) Plexippoides cornutus
Plexippoides digitatus Salticidae 320, f. 229a-f (mf) Plexippoides digitatus
Plexippoides discifer Salticidae 322, f. 230a-f (mf) Plexippoides discifer
Plexippoides doenitzi Salticidae 323, f. 231a-d (mf) Plexippoides doenitzi
Plexippoides jinlini Salticidae 324, f. 232a-d (mf) Plexippoides jinlini
Plexippoides meniscatus Salticidae 326, f. 234a-d (mf) Plexippoides meniscatus
Plexippoides potanini Salticidae 328, f. 235a-f (mf) Plexippoides potanini
Plexippoides regius Salticidae 329, f. 236a-g (mf) Plexippoides regius
Plexippoides regiusoides Salticidae 330, f. 237a-c (f) Plexippoides regiusoides
Plexippoides szechuanensis Salticidae 331, f. 238a-d (mf) Plexippoides szechuanensis
Plexippoides validus Salticidae 332, f. 239a-d (m) Plexippoides validus
Plexippus bhutani Salticidae 335, f. 241a-c (f) Plexippus bhutani
Plexippus clemens Salticidae 341, f. 245a-d (m) Plexippus yinae
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 336, f. 242a-f (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Plexippus petersi Salticidae 338, f. 243a-f (mf) Plexippus petersi
Plexippus setipes Salticidae 340, f. 244a-f (mf) Plexippus setipes
Portia fimbriata Salticidae 344, f. 246a-d (mf) Portia fimbriata
Portia heteroidea Salticidae 345, f. 247a-g (mf) Portia heteroidea
Portia jianfeng Salticidae 347, f. 248a-d (m) Portia jianfeng
Portia labiata Salticidae 348, f. 249a-e (mf) Portia labiata
Portia orientalis Salticidae 349, f. 250a-c (m) Portia orientalis
Portia quei Salticidae 350, f. 251a-g (mf) Portia quei
Portia songi Salticidae 352, f. 252a-g (mf) Portia songi
Portia taiwanica Salticidae 353, f. 253a-e (mf) Portia taiwanica
Portia wui Salticidae 355, f. 254a-e (m) Portia wui
Portia zhaoi Salticidae 356, f. 255a-d (f) Portia zhaoi
Psenuc gyirongensis Salticidae 184, f. 122a-b (f) Icius gyirongensis
Psenuc hongkong Salticidae 186, f. 124a-b (f) Icius hongkong
Pseudeuophrys iwatensis Salticidae 357, f. 256a-e (mf) Pseudeuophrys iwatensis
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Salticidae 359, f. 257a-d (mf) Pseudeuophrys obsoleta
Pseudicius courtauldi Salticidae 364, f. 261a-d (mf) Pseudicius courtauldi
Pseudicius wesolowskae Salticidae 372, f. 268a-e (mf) Pseudicius wesolowskae
Pseudicius yunnanensis Salticidae 373, f. 269a-e (f) Pseudicius yunnanensis
Pseudicius zabkai Salticidae 374, f. 270a-e (mf) Pseudicius zabkai
Pseudomogrus albocinctus Salticidae 509, f. 377a-d (mf) Yllenus albocinctus
Pseudomogrus salsicola Salticidae 518, f. 386a-d (mf; N.B.: record from China: see note above at Hu, 2001: 423) Yllenus salsicola
Ptocasius badongensis Salticidae 490, f. 361a-b (f) Yaginumaella badongensis
Ptocasius badongensis Salticidae 499, f. 369a-c (f) Yaginumaella nanyuensis
Ptocasius kinhi Salticidae 376, f. 271a-c (m) Ptocasius kinhi
Ptocasius linzhiensis Salticidae 325, f. 233a-b (m, T from Mogrus) Plexippoides linzhiensis
Ptocasius linzhiensis Salticidae 377, f. 272a-b (f) Ptocasius linzhiensis
Ptocasius lushiensis Salticidae 496, f. 355a-d (mf) Yaginumaella lushiensis
Ptocasius montanus Salticidae 498, f. 368a-c (f) Yaginumaella montana
Ptocasius montiformis Salticidae 127, f. 77a-d (m) Evarcha digitata
Ptocasius montiformis Salticidae 377, f. 273a-b (f) Ptocasius montiformis
Ptocasius nepalicus Salticidae 500, f. 370a-d (mf) Yaginumaella nepalica
Ptocasius songi Salticidae 378, f. 274a-b (m) Ptocasius songi
Ptocasius strupifer Salticidae 379, f. 275a-g (mf) Ptocasius strupifer
Ptocasius thakkholaicus Salticidae 501, f. 371a-d (mf) Yaginumaella thakkholaica
Ptocasius vittatus Salticidae 381, f. 276a-c (f) Ptocasius vittatus
Ptocasius wuermli Salticidae 504, f. 374a-d (mf) Yaginumaella wuermli
Rhene albigera Salticidae 383, f. 278a-e (m) Rhene albigera
Rhene atrata Salticidae 384, f. 279a-g (mf) Rhene atrata
Rhene digitata Salticidae 387, f. 281a-c (m) Rhene digitata
Rhene flavicomans Salticidae 386, f. 280a-i (mf) Rhene biembolusa
Rhene flavigera Salticidae 388, f. 282a-h (f) Rhene flavigera
Rhene flavigera Salticidae 390, f. 283a-b (f) Rhene indica
Rhene ipis Salticidae 390, f. 284a-c (m) Rhene ipis
Rhene pallida Salticidae 521, f. 388a-h (mf) Zeuxippus pallidus
Rhene plana Salticidae 391, f. 285a-b (f) Rhene plana
Rhene rubrigera Salticidae 392, f. 286a-h (mf) Rhene rubrigera
Rhene setipes Salticidae 394, f. 287a-d (m) Rhene setipes
Rhene triapophyses Salticidae 395, f. 288a-e (m) Rhene triapophyses
Rhene yunnanensis Salticidae 522, f. 389a-e (f) Zeuxippus yunnanensis
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 362, f. 260a-d (mf) Pseudicius cinctus
Rudakius wenshanensis Salticidae 371, f. 267a-b (f) Pseudicius wenshanensis
Salticus latidentatus Salticidae 396, f. 289a-h (mf) Salticus latidentatus
Sibianor annae Salticidae 398, f. 290a-b (m) Sibianor annae
Sibianor aurocinctus Salticidae 399, f. 291a-c (f) Sibianor aurocinctus
Sibianor latens Salticidae 400, f. 292a-d (mf) Sibianor latens
Sibianor proszynski Salticidae 159, f. 103a-b (m) Harmochirus proszynski
Sibianor pullus Salticidae 402, f. 293a-g (mf) Sibianor pullus
Siler bielawskii Salticidae 404, f. 294a-d (f) Siler bielawskii
Siler collingwoodi Salticidae 405, f. 295a-d (mf) Siler collingwoodi
Siler cupreus Salticidae 406, f. 296a-f (mf) Siler cupreus
Siler semiglaucus Salticidae 408, f. 297a-i (mf) Siler semiglaucus
Siler severus Salticidae 409, f. 298a-b (m) Siler severus
Simaetha gongi Salticidae 410, f. 299a-f (mf) Simaetha gongi
Sinoinsula maculata Salticidae 116, f. 70a-c (f) Eupoa maculata
Spartaeus ellipticus Salticidae 428, f. 312a-d (f) Spartaeus ellipticus
Spartaeus emeishan Salticidae 429, f. 313a-e (mf) Spartaeus emeishan
Spartaeus jianfengensis Salticidae 431, f. 314a-g (mf) Spartaeus jianfengensis
Spartaeus platnicki Salticidae 432, f. 315a-g (mf) Spartaeus platnicki
Spartaeus thailandicus Salticidae 434, f. 316a-e (f) Spartaeus thailandicus
Spartaeus zhangi Salticidae 435, f. 317a-f (m) Spartaeus zhangi
Stenaelurillus minutus Salticidae 437, f. 318a-g (mf) Stenaelurillus hainanensis
Stenaelurillus minutus Salticidae 438, f. 319a-b (m) Stenaelurillus minutus
Stenaelurillus triguttatus Salticidae 439, f. 320a-b (m) Stenaelurillus triguttatus
Synageles ramitus Salticidae 440, f. 321a-d (mf) Synageles ramitus
Synageles venator Salticidae 441, f. 322a-D (mf) Synageles venator
Synagelides agoriformis Salticidae 444, f. 323a-h (mf) Synagelides agoriformis
Synagelides annae Salticidae 445, f. 324a-h (mf) Synagelides annae
Synagelides cavaleriei Salticidae 446, f. 325a-d (mf) Synagelides cavaleriei
Synagelides gambosus Salticidae 448, f. 326a-g (mf) Synagelides gambosa
Synagelides huangsangensis Salticidae 449, f. 327a-c (f) Synagelides huangsangensis
Synagelides hubeiensis Salticidae 450, f. 328a-e (m) Synagelides hubeiensis
Synagelides longus Salticidae 451, f. 329a-b (f) Synagelides longus
Synagelides lushanensis Salticidae 452, f. 330a-h (mf) Synagelides lushanensis
Synagelides palpalis Salticidae 454, f. 331a-d (m) Synagelides palpalis
Synagelides palpaloides Salticidae 455, f. 332a-d (f) Synagelides palpaloides
Synagelides tianmu Salticidae 456, f. 333a-b (f) Synagelides tianmu
Synagelides yunnan Salticidae 456, 334a-b (f) Synagelides yunnan
Synagelides zebrus Salticidae 457, f. 335a-c (f) Synagelides zebrus
Synagelides zhaoi Salticidae 458, f. 336a-g (mf) Synagelides zhaoi
Synagelides zhilcovae Salticidae 460, f. 337a-c (f) Synagelides zhilcovae
Synagelides zonatus Salticidae 461, f. 338a-c (f) Synagelides zonatus
Talavera aequipes Salticidae 462, f. 339a-f (mf) Talavera aequipes
Talavera petrensis Salticidae 463, f. 340a-d (f) Talavera petrensis
Talavera trivittata Salticidae 464, f. 341a-f (mf) Talavera trivittata
Tasa davidi Salticidae 466, f. 342a-g (mf) Tasa davidi
Tasa koreana Salticidae 468, f. 343a-b (m) Tasa nipponica
Telamonia caprina Salticidae 470, f. 345a-f (mf) Telamonia caprina
Telamonia festiva Salticidae 472, f. 346a-g (mf) Telamonia festiva
Telamonia luxiensis Salticidae 473, f. 347a-c (f) Telamonia luxiensis
Telamonia vlijmi Salticidae 474, f. 348a-k (mf) Telamonia vlijmi
Thiania bhamoensis Salticidae 476, f. 349a-g (mf) Thiania bhamoensis
Thiania cavaleriei Salticidae 477, f. 350a-c (m) Thiania cavaleriei
Thiania inermis Salticidae 478, f. 351a-b (m) Thiania inermis
Thiania luteobrachialis Salticidae 479, f. 352a-c (f) Thiania luteobrachialis
Thiania suboppressa Salticidae 480, f. 353a-g (mf) Thiania suboppressa
Thyene bilaguncula Salticidae 491, f. 362a-b (f) Yaginumaella bilaguncula
Thyene bivittata Salticidae 482, f. 354a-e (m) Thyene bivittata
Thyene imperialis Salticidae 483, f. 355a-g (mf) Thyene imperialis
Thyene orientalis Salticidae 484, f. 356a-e (m) Thyene orientalis
Thyene orientalis Salticidae 485, f. 357a-e (m) Thyene radialis
Thyene triangula Salticidae 486, f. 358a-e (m) Thyene triangula
Thyene yuxiensis Salticidae 487, f. 359a-e (m) Thyene yuxiensis
Thyene zhangi Salticidae 334, f. 240a-c (f) Plexippoides zhangi
Toxeus globosus Salticidae 240, f. 165a-j (mf) Myrmarachne globosa
Toxeus maxillosus Salticidae 249, f. 173a-b (m) Myrmarache maxillosa
Toxeus septemdentatus Salticidae 252, f. 176a-b (mf) Myrmarachne maxillosa septemdentata
Wanlessia denticulata Salticidae 488, f. 306a-d (m) Wanlessia denticulata
Yaginumaella flexa Salticidae 492, f. 363a-c (m) Yaginumaella flexa
Yaginumaella lobata Salticidae 493, f. 364a-e (m) Yaginumaella lobata
Yaginumaella longnanensis Salticidae 494, f. 365a-e (mf) Yaginumaella longnanensis
Yaginumaella medvedevi Salticidae 497, f. 367a-h (mf) Yaginumaella medvedevi
Yaginumaella wenxianensis Salticidae 503, f. 373a-e (mf) Yaginumaella wenxianensis
Yaginumanis cheni Salticidae 505, f. 375a-d (f) Yaginumanis cheni
Yaginumanis wanlessi Salticidae 507, f. 376a-c (f) Yaginumanis wanlessi
Yllenus flavociliatus Salticidae 513, f. 381a-b (m) Yllenus flavociliatus
Zebraplatys bulbus Salticidae 520, f. 387a-d (f) Zebraplatys bulbus
No genus found for this reference