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Micrathena spinosa (Linnaeus, 1758)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2019-11-25
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  • Distribution: Suriname, French Guyana, Brazil
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  • Holotype: British Museum of Natural History (BMNH)/Natural History Museum (NHMUK), London, UK; 1 specimen of Aranea aculeata Fabricius, 1775 (Zimsen, 1964)
Taxonomic references
Aranea spinosa Linnaeus, 1758: 624 (Df).
Aranea spinosa Fabricius, 1775: 435 (D).
Aranea aculeata Fabricius, 1775: 435 (Df).
Aranea elongato-spinosa De Geer, 1778: 323, pl. 39, f. 11-12 (Df).
Aranea spinosa Olivier, 1789: 205 (D).
Epeira aculeata Latreille, 1806: 103.
Plectana spinosa Walckenaer, 1841: 172.
Plectana aculeata Walckenaer, 1841: 180.
Acrosoma spinosa Taczanowski, 1873: 264.
Acrosoma aculeatum Butler, 1873b: 421.
Micrathena perlata Simon, 1895a: 852, f. 905 (Df).
Micrathena perlata Simon, 1897b: 467 (Df).
Micrathena aculeata Petrunkevitch, 1911: 364.
Micrathena spinosa Petrunkevitch, 1911: 379.
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Micrathena hamata Chickering, 1960b: 3, f. 4-7 (Dm).
Micrathena spinosa Levi, 1985a: 581, f. 696-703, 720, 728 (mf, S of Micrathena aculeata, M. elongatospinosa, M. hamata and M. perlata).
Micrathena spinosa Dierkens, 2011d: 101l, f. 11, 26, 51 (f).
Micrathena spinosa Magalhaes & Santos, 2012: 33, f. 14, 32-33 (mf).

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2019-11-25 Taxonomic reference assigned to new taxon Taxonomic reference entry assigned to Micrathena horrida (Taczanowski, 1873)
2019-11-25 Taxonomic reference assigned to new taxon Taxonomic reference entry assigned to Micrathena horrida (Taczanowski, 1873)