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Entelecara media Kulczyński, 1887

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2024-03-19
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: North America, Europe, Russia (Europe to Far East), Kazakhstan
Type deposit provide information
  • Syntype: Museum and Institute of Zoology (MIZ), Polish Academy of Science (PAN), Warsaw, Poland; 2m 1f (QR-ARA030320-030322) (Wawer, 2021)
Taxonomic references
Entelecara media Kulczyński, 1887: 332, pl. 7, f. 48-51 (Dmf).
Entelecara media Holm, 1950: 134 (S of Mythoplastoides sombrus; rejected by Crawford, 1988: 18).
Entelecara media Hackman, 1952b: 76, f. 6a-b (mf).
Entelecara media Tullgren, 1955: 304, f. 7a-e (mf).
Entelecara media Locket & Millidge, 1962: 433 (S of Entelecara errata, revalidated by Locket, Millidge & Merrett, 1974: 76).
Entelecara media Miller, 1971: 258, pl. LIII, f. 30 (m).
Entelecara media Locket, Millidge & Merrett, 1974: 76, f. 44G (m).
Entelecara media Holm, 1980: 110, f. 3 (f).
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Entelecara media Heimer & Nentwig, 1991: 150, f. 416 (mf).
Entelecara media Agnarsson, 1996: 82, f. 70A-B (mf).
Entelecara media Wunderlich, 2011: 279, f. 12, 26-27, 39, 56 (mf).

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