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Neoscona oaxacensis (Keyserling, 1864)

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  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2024-06-01
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  • Distribution: USA to Peru, Galapagos Is.
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Taxonomic references
Epeira oaxacensis Keyserling, 1864: 121, pl. 5, f. 15-16 (Df).
Epeira cooksonii Butler, 1877: 76, pl. 13, f. 2 (Df) [].
Epeira adiantoides Taczanowski, 1878b: 148, pl. 1, f. 4 (Dmf) [].
Epeira vertebrata McCook, 1888b: 196, f, 6-10 (Dmf).
Epeira oaxensis Keyserling, 1893: 238, pl. 12, f. 178 (f).
Epeira vertebrata McCook, 1894: 151, pl. 3, f. 6-7, pl. 4, f. 1, pl. 5, f. 4 (mf).
Araneus adiantoides Simon, 1897e: 2.
Neoscona conifera F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1904: 469, pl. 44, f. 6-7 (Dmf) [].
Neoscona oaxacensis F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1904: 468, pl. 44, f. 4-5 (mf).
Neoscona cooksoni F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1904: 473, pl. 44, f. 16 (f).
Araneus coniferus Petrunkevitch, 1911: 286.
Araneus oaxacensis Petrunkevitch, 1911: 307.
Araneus cooksoni Petrunkevitch, 1911: 286.
Neoscona salaeria Chamberlin, 1920c: 167, f. 1-2 (Dmf) [].
Neoscona naiba Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1929: 104, pl. 4, f. 46-48 (Df) [].
Neoscona oaxacensis Petrunkevitch, 1930a: 322, f. 200-204 (mf).
Aranea naiba Roewer, 1942a: 862.
Aranea salaeria Roewer, 1942a: 863.
Neoscona lativulva Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942a: 78, f. 221-222 (Df) [].
Neoscona cooksoni Roth & Craig, 1970: 116, 120 (not S of Neoscona oaxacensis or Epeira vertebrata).
Neoscona oaxacensis Berman & Levi, 1971: 486, f. 4, 9, 11, 78-90, 129 (mf, T from Araneus, S of Araneus adiantoides, A. conifer, A. cooksoni, A. salaerius and Neoscona lativulva).
Neoscona oaxacensis Levi, 1973: 478 (S of Araneus naiba).
Neoscona oaxacensis Barrion et al., 1988a: 396, f. 4a-g, 9d (f; presumably misidentified).
Neoscona oaxacensis Levi, 1993a: 233, f. 22-25 (mf).

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