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Gnaphosa lapponum (L. Koch, 1866)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2019-09-17
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Europe, Russia (Europe to West Siberia)
Type deposit: provide information
Taxonomic references
Pythonissa lapponum L. Koch, 1866: 33, pl. 2, f. 22-25 (Dmf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Thorell, 1871a: 193.
Gnaphosa islandica Sørensen, 1898: 222 (Dmf).
Gnaphosa lapponum inermis Strand, 1899: 49 (Dm) [].
Gnaphosa pseudolapponica Strand, 1904a: 6 (Df) [].
Gnaphosa islandica Lessert, 1913: 27, f. 1-3 (m).
Gnaphosa lapponum Schenkel, 1928: 18, f. 1 (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Palmgren, 1943: 87, f.
Gnaphosa lapponum Tullgren, 1946: 82, f. 24B, pl. 13, f. 162-164 (mf).
Gnaphosa islandica Brændegaard, 1946: 54, f. 33-34 (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Brændegaard, 1958: 6, f. 2 (f).
Gnaphosa lapponum Grimm, 1985: 55, f. 51, 68-69 (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Heimer & Nentwig, 1991: 424, f. 1121 (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Ovtsharenko, Platnick & Song, 1992: 27, f. 87-90 (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Agnarsson, 1996: 33, f. 12A-B (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Pesarini, 2000: 383, f. 14 (m).
Gnaphosa lapponum Emerit & Ledoux, 2004a: 17, f. 4A-D (mf, see note under G. iberica).
Gnaphosa lapponum Almquist, 2006: 397, f. 342a-e (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Aakra, 2009: 18 (S of Gnaphosa pseudolapponica).
Gnaphosa lapponum Marusik, 2015: 674, f. 9B (f).
Gnaphosa lapponum Wiśniewski & Wesołowska, 2017: 118, f. 12 (m).
Gnaphosa lapponum Lecigne, 2018a: 51, pl. 5F-M (mf).
Gnaphosa lapponum Nentwig et al., 2019: 39 (S of Gnaphosa lapponum inermis).

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Nentwig, W., Blick, T., Bosmans, R., Gloor, D., Hänggi, A., Kropf, C.: Spiders of Europe. Version 05.2018. doi: 10.24436/1

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2019-09-17 New taxonomic reference entry Nentwig et al., 2019 n/a
2019-09-17 Species synonymy Nentwig et al., 2019 Gnaphosa lapponum inermis synonymized with Gnaphosa lapponum
2018-09-18 New taxonomic reference entry Lecigne, 2018a n/a
2017-03-31 New taxonomic reference entry Wiśniewski & Wesołowska, 2017 n/a
2016-09-19 New taxonomic reference entry Lessert, 1913 n/a
2016-03-17 New taxonomic reference entry Marusik, 2015 n/a