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Mendoza nobilis (Grube, 1861)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Russia, Korea, China
Type deposit: provide information
Taxonomic references
Attus nobilis Grube, 1861: 28 (Dm).
Marpissa nobilis Prószyński, 1971c: 212, f. 16-19 (Tm from Attus=Salticus, where "nicht zu deuten!" per Roewer).
Marpissa nobilis Prószyński, 1976: 155, f. 249 (Df).
Marpissa nobilis Prószyński, 1979: 312, f. 171-177 (mf).
Marpissa nobilis Wesolowska, 1981b: 139, f. 35-36 (f, S).
Marpissa nobilis Logunov & Wesolowska, 1992: 126, f. 14A-E, 15A-C (mf).
Marpissa pulchra Logunov & Wesolowska, 1992: 128, f. 17A-D (f, misidentified).
Marpissa pulchra Peng et al., 1993: 120, f. 403-309 (mf).
Marpissa nobilis Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 533, f. 302O, 303F (mf).
Mendoza nobilis Logunov, 1999c: 53, f. 16-17, 26-27, 38, 46, 113, 120 (Tmf from Marpissa).
Mendoza nobilis Yin et al., 2012: 1397, f. 759a-g (mf).

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Prószyński, J. (2016). Monograph of Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2015. Part II. Global Species Database of Salticidae (Araneae). Version May 5th, 2016, online at download pdf

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