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Cyrtophora cicatrosa (Stoliczka, 1869)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2019-10-05
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  • Distribution: Pakistan to Australia (Northern Territory)
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Taxonomic references
Epeira cicatrosa Stoliczka, 1869: 242, pl. 20, f. 5 (Df).
Epeira salebrosa Thorell, 1878b: 48 (Df).
Epeira salebrosa Thorell, 1881: 84, 687.
Meta adspersata Karsch, 1892: 284, pl. 10, f. 8 (Df).
Euetria salebrosa Workman, 1896: 31, pl. 31 (f).
Araneus cicatrosa Pocock, 1900a: 226.
Cyrtophora salebrosa Strand, 1915d: 220.
Cyrtophora cicatrosa Chrysanthus, 1960: 28, f. 19-23 (f, Dm).
Cyrtophora cicatrosa Tikader & Biswas, 1981: 32, f. 45-46 (f).
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